Using the Rice Hall Conference Rooms

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The conference room is set up with multiple ways to access and display information on its two screens:

  • The conference room PC - allows logins to UVA’s Eservices domain, connects to the Polycom CX5000 360° conference camera phone, can use both displays as an extended desktop, and can use the left display as a touch screen
  • Two sets of inputs - located in the wells of the table, these allow connecting a laptop using either HDMI or VGA connections (VGA preferred)
  • A Blu-ray player - in the credenza cabinet, it will play Blu-ray and DVD discs
  • The Tidebreak TeamSpot host desktop

Touch the Crestron control panel on the credenza to turn its display on. Touch it again to get to the main menu. The main menu is laid out as follows: Conference Room Crestron Screen Sources

  • PC – the computer installed in the credenza
  • Laptop 1 & 2 – connections in the conference table for using additional sources
  • Blu-ray – the Blu-ray player installed in the credenza


  • Left and right, touch to direct the selected source to that display

Additional modes

  • Tidebreak – the interactive collaboration desktop for the conference room
  • Extended Desktop – option to extend the conference room PC’s video output across both displays

Volume Control

  • Works with the currently selected source (displayed above it); and includes volume up, volume down and mute controls.


  • When finished, touching this returns the system to its default state and powers everything down

Starting the system - basics

When the Crestron system starts the conference room PC is selected for the left display and the extended desktop is selected for the right display. To use any other source besides the conference room PC you will need to turn off the extended desktop option.

With the Crestron screen on the main menu touch the source you want to select and then touch the icon of the display you want to show it on.

The two additional modes, Tidebreak and Extended Desktop work slightly differently. Tidebreak displays on the right display only. Extended Desktop sets the left display to the conference room PC automatically and extends its output across both displays. Extended Desktop also has the effect of disabling the other source selections; it must be turned off to enable them again.

You may need to wait 5-20 seconds for the display(s) to appear once selected and connected – please be patient!

When done using the system, touch Shutdown on the Crestron screen. It will ask to confirm shutdown, touch ‘Yes’ and the system will return to its default state.

Using the conference room PC

The conference room PC has a wireless keyboard and mouse. There is a switch located on the top left of the keyboard and on the bottom of the mouse to turn them on and off.

The left display has a built in touch screen function that only works with the conference room PC.

Logins are through UVA’s Eservices domain only; there are no guest accounts available.

The PC is in the credenza cabinet. USB devices can be connected as needed. There is an additional USB connection available in the conference table’s well.

Using the Polycom CX5000

The Polycom camera output is only accessible through the local PC and will work under Skype and Google video chat.

Remove the lens cap on the top before using, please replace it when finished.

For phone calls dial an extension directly or 9 + the number to connect. A long distance code is required for out of area calls (excluding toll-free calls): dial 8 + long distance code + area code and number.

Phone numbers to call into the conference room are:

Room Phone
514 243-1366
414 243-1364
314 243-1362
204 243-1359
304 243-1361
404 243-1363
504 243-1365

Using the Laptop 1 and Laptop 2 inputs

When setting up, use the set of inputs closest to the laptop’s placement at the table so as not to strain the connection. Overextending the cables may cause a break or disconnect, and possibly damage the laptop.

Connect either the HDMI or the VGA connector to the laptop. If both are available on the laptop, VGA is preferable. Note: If both HDMI and VGA are connected to a single input (i.e. Laptop 1) it will default to HDMI.

The HDMI connector is set for audio transmission as well. The VGA connector has a separate audio connector associated with it.

If audio is not playing try checking the sound settings and device selections on the laptop. In addition check that the correct source is selected on the Crestron control panel and that it is not muted there.

Using the Blu-ray player

The Blu-ray player is in the credenza cabinet.

Without a disc in the player it will default to the player’s internal set up menu. Inserting a disc should cause it to change to play mode. This internal menu is not configurable through the Blu-ray controls on the Crestron control panel and should be left as it is.

There is no hand-held remote for the Blu-ray. Blu-ray needs to be the selected source in order for the player controls to display on the Crestron screen.

Using the extended Desktop

The desktop from the local PC is run in extended mode over both right and left displays. Note that the left display is a touch screen in this configuration.

When Extended Desktop is active the other sources are not selectable. Touch Extended Desktop again to turn it off and re-enable the other sources

Using the Tidebreak TeamSpot collaboration software

Selecting Tidebreak will bring up the TeamSpot desktop on the right display.

Connect to TeamSpot by entering the IP address in the TeamSpot window into a web browser’s address bar and following the instructions on the web page. The installation requires administrator rights on the machine to perform the installation.

Note: The TeamSpot software is not installed on the local PC so it cannot connect to the TeamSpot session.

Using Skype

Skype is not a supported application but is installed and available on the conference room PC. It uses the Polycom CX5000 for video and audio. Skype does require users to create an account; there are no general accounts available.

The Polycom CX5000 offers two webcam options in Skype: Panoramic Video and Active Speaker Video. When starting Skype the webcam is set to Panoramic Video. This gives a static view of one part of the conference room. Setting the webcam to Active Speaker Video enables the camera to switch views to focus on the current speaker in the room.

Shutting Down

To power the system down touch the Shut Down button on the Crestron screen and touch Yes when asked to confirm.

Please turn off the wireless mouse and keyboard.

Replace the lens cap on the Polycom CX5000 if it has been removed.

To report any issues or problems with the room please email