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Who gets an account and for how long?

The department issues accounts which grant access to all departmental resources - network, printing, clusters, disk storage, etc. - in keeping with our shared infrastructure model. An account is a single point of authorization for everything, and are generally restricted to those who need access to research and administrative resources in the CS Department. These are not generally issued for instructional support.


CS & CPE Graduate Students

Undergraduates & Others

We also issue accounts to Undergraduate Students, non-CS Faculty & Grad Students and non-UVa Collaborators - anyone actively working with a CS faculty member in some research (non-instructional) capacity, granting access to all departmental resources.

These accounts are housed on the sponsoring faculty member's disk storage and will be maintained as long as the sponsor requests it. Accounts for access to instructional equipment (the Olsson 001 and Rice 340 labs, the lab unix cluster) are issued for courses each semester based on course rolls as provided by your instructor.

If you are working with a CS faculty member in any capacity beyond being enrolled in a course, and wish to have an account, please have the faculty member send mail to requesting the account.