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We provide several different levels of support for a wide range of software under several different licensing agreements. Here's a working list of commercial software available through the department or UVA academic licensing, as well as widely-used non-commercial software we support.

Windows software installed on all department-owned machines

Commercial and free software that we install on department-owned Windows machines:

Software Title Description Notes
Acrobat Reader PDF Reader
Exceed Windows X Client
Firefox Browser by the Mozilla Project
Microsoft Office 2007 Office Productivity Suite Includes Access, Excel, Groove, InfoPath, Outlook, OneNote, PowerPoint, Publisher, Visio and Word
SecureCRT Windows SSH client
SecureFX Windows FTP client
Symantec AntiVirus Virus Protection
Thunderbird Mail client by the Mozilla Project

Additional software available for installation on dept-owned machines

These are not installed by default but are available for installation:

Software Title Description OS Availability Notes
Matlab Technical computing language and interactive environment for algorithm development, data visualization, data analysis, and numeric computation Windows, Linux Available under Linux on CS systems: /uva/bin/matlab; Windows users can access it via the Hive or purchase an 'associate' license through the bookstore Visit http://its.virginia.edu/research/matlab/ to obtain an account and get instructions for obtaining a license.
Visual Studio 2010 Windows IDE Windows Can be installed on any UVA-owned computer.
If you need to install Visual Studio on a personal machine, please see the section "Microsoft software available to UVA student/faculty home computers."
Map a drive to \\eirene\applications$ and run the installer (in packages\VS2010).
**IMPORTANT: Once you've finished installing, run Microsoft Update immediately, so you pick up security patches for Visual Studio!**
Intel Compilers Intel's Fortran and C++ compilers, plus Math Kernel Library Linux University-wide floating licenses. IMPORTANT: Running these compilers is subject to availability on ITC's license server. When you run one of these compilers, a floating license is issued to your host for the duration of your compiler's execution. There is a finite number of these licenses available, but because the license agreement and license server are ITC's, we're unable to intervene if there are no free licenses. Please be respectful of this resource, since we share it with the rest of the University! Installed on the Linux interactive machines (power*) and the Generals PBS queue.
Fortran compiler: "ifort"
C++ compiler: "icc"
Debugger: "idb"
If you'd like the compilers installed on your department-owned Linux machine, send mail to root and we will do so.
VMWare Workstation Commercial virtualization platform Windows, Linux Can be installed on any UVA-owned computer.
Usage restrictions apply - please read.
Email root for more details or to request installation on your machine.

Commercial Linux software provided by ITC

ITC provides several commercial Linux applications, which we mount on all of our Linux machines at /uva/bin:

Software Title Description Notes
Maple Mathematics/modeling software
Matlab Technical computing language and interactive environment for
algorithm development, data visualization, data analysis, and numeric computation
Mathematica Mathematics/modeling software
SAS Statistical software

Microsoft software available to UVA CS student/faculty home computers

A large number of Microsoft products are available through ELMS or E-Academy, a download service Microsoft provides to us for distributing licensed software. The products include Microsoft Windows and Server OSes, software development tools, and productivity applications. To view all currently available software go to the Microsoft DreamSpark website.

You must be a member of the Eservices 'MS-DSPremium-CS' group to download these titles and accessed is controlled through NetBadge. Undergraduates taking CS courses that require these titles, as well as CS grad students and faculty, are eligible for membership. If you find you don't already have access, please mail root to request to be added.

Software available for purchase at discounted rates

Cavalier Computers offers academic discounts to UVA students, faculty and staff on many of their software titles. For more information, see Cavalier Computers.

If you are a grad student or faculty member of the CS department and would like Adobe Acrobat Professional, please see Kim Gregg for more information.