Changing Thunderbird Email Threaded View

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  • When reading mail with thunderbird, and sorting messages in "threaded view" in the message index frame (the frame which shows all the subject lines of emails in the current mailbox), messages are sorted into trees off of the "parent" message (the oldest instance of a subject line, or closest match to the subject line); these "thread trees" are then sorted by date - oldest first.

  • The problem is that when new messages arrive for older email threads, they are sorted 'far back' in the view. For users with a large number (>100) messages in their inbox, this effectively means the newer messages are never seen. This is a bug that you are not able to change the sort order by date within the thread.

  • The add-on ThreadBubble 0.8 makes Thunderbird resort threads by date when new messages arrive. So that new messages (associated with threads or not) appear at the top of the email message window.
  1. ThreadBubble works only when the emails are sorted by date, not by order received.
  2. The image below show the proper settings required for ThreadBubble to function properly.

Thread bubble setting 3.PNG