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CS Email

The preferred method for storing large amounts of email is to use your CS email account on the CS IMAP server. Since CS mail stores your email in your home directory there are no hard size or bandwidth limits. If there are special needs we can likely adjust to accommodate them.

If you have your email client set up to connect to your CS email as well as CMS then moving mail between accounts should be as easy as moving it from one folder to another in the client.

If you don't already have your CS mail connected in your client it is pretty straightforward to do. The server is and most clients will autoconfigure it correctly. If your client does not autoconfigure use port 993 and SSL/TLS connection security. The account uses your CS Unix password for authentication. Contact if you run into problems.

UVA CMS and Exchange Email (Faculty and Staff)

UVA CMS email is the preferred option for sending and receiving your aliased CS email. UVA Exchange is not widely used in CS as it adds some difficulty when using non-Microsoft email clients. For each account ITC has established a 4GB storage quota. You will receive a notice from ITS if you exceed your quota. If you exceed it by a significant amount failing to fix the problem will result in a freeze on your incoming mail.

It is possible to get CMS and Exchange quotas increased, for a fee. You need to work with ITS to get that arranged.

There are some limitations to be aware of:

  1. ITC offers a maximum of 2GB of additional space making the maximum quota size 6GB
  2. Email accounts require ITC's Enterprise-Grade storage, other options are not available
  3. No single folder may be larger than 2GB

Requesting more ITS storage requires filling out the ITS Data Storage Order Form (requires NetBadge login) and including payment information, usually a PTAO. There is also a cost calculator that will show the current costs for Enterprise-Grade storage.

UVA Google Account Gmail (Primarily Students)

Official UVA student email accounts are provided by Google. The current Google Account quota is 15GB. It is not currently possible to get more storage space for UVA Gmail through UVA, although it may be possible through a separate, paid agreement with Google.

Note that Google does have daily and hourly bandwidth limits that may the ability to store and access emails in your Google Account Gmail when moving large files or large numbers of emails at once:

File access bandwidth limits

Limit 				Per hour 	Per day
Download via web client 	750 MB 		1250 MB
Upload via web client 		300 MB 		500 MB

POP and IMAP bandwidth limits

Limit 				Per day
Download via IMAP 		2500 MB
Download via POP 		1250 MB
Upload via IMAP 		500 MB

Personal Gmail or other 3rd Party Email (Faculty and Staff)

Many 3rd party email providers offer larger storage quotas than ITS does, making them a potential solution. 3rd party email providers are not authorized for sending, receiving, or storing sensitive data; they may not be appropriate for all purposes. They may also be subject to sudden term changes that can make them less useful or reliable.

Caution: As with UVA Gmail accounts above there can be bandwidth limits with 3rd party providers that prevent you from being able to get all of your date out rapidly.

Using the Address Management tool (requires NetBadge login) you can set your UVA deliverable addresses to include a Gmail account, either UVA or personal, and then set your UVA aliases to send to that account. Email to request to change your CS aliases to point to a different address.

Note: Beyond assigning aliases Systems Staff cannot offer a great deal of support for 3rd part email providers.