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The CS Department povides storage for our users, without 'quotas' of any sort; we expect users to be responsible with their disk usage and take what you need, but need what you take!

User's home directories are provided on storage servers leased from ITS. Users are sorted onto partitions which are assigned by faculty member, so that the people you work closely with are the people you share space with.

Home Directory Access:

  • NFS - CS filesystems are exported via NFS to department-managed Unix systems - Linux and Solaris interactive and compute nodes. Filesystems are mounted consistently across all nodes so the paths are identical no matter what node you are working on. If you have root on your own desktop or laptop, we do not export NFS to your machine, you'll need to use SMBFS/CIFS.
  • SMBFS/CIFS - Because SMBFS is a user-based and not host-based protocol, our filesystems are exported via Samba anywhere inside the UVa network.
    • Users logging into their "CSDOM" Windows account will automatically find their home directory mounted as their "K:\" drive.
    • Anyone else can mount - under OS-X/Darwin, *nix or Windows - their home directory to their own computer, using their CSDOM windows account credentials, and "mapping a drive" to the appropriate server (see the table below).
    • Trying to map a CIFS/SMB drive from offgrounds requires the use of the UVaAnywhere VPN client; performance may be slow.
  • SCP/SFTP - For truly remote access, we recommend using an SCP/SFTP client: the openssh package available on almost all *nix based systems - Solaris, Mac OS-X and the Linuxes. For Windows platform users, openssh is part of the cygwin packages, and ITS also provides SecureFX at ITS Software Central. For these connections, you should use the hostname "sftp.cs.virginia.edu" to access the files; direct access to all file servers is restricted to Samba and NFS services.

Partition/Host Map

Partition Server FQDN
af* apollo.cs.virginia.edu
uf* athena.cs.virginia.edu
/if1 Weaver nas10.itc.virginia.edu
/if2 Robins nas10.itc.virginia.edu
/if3 Stankovic nas10.itc.virginia.edu
/if4 Shelat nas10.itc.virginia.edu
/if5 Lawrence nas10.itc.virginia.edu
/if6 Whitehouse nas10.itc.virginia.edu
/if7 Sullivan nas11.itc.virginia.edu
/if8 Grimshaw nas11.itc.virginia.edu
/if9 Knight nas11.itc.virginia.edu
/if10 Skadron nas11.itc.virginia.edu
/if11 Evans nas11.itc.virginia.edu
/if12 Cohoon nas11.itc.virginia.edu
/if13 Martin nas12.itc.virginia.edu
/if14 Soffa nas12.itc.virginia.edu
/if15 Gurumurthi nas12.itc.virginia.edu
/if16 Weimer nas12.itc.virginia.edu
/if17 Davidson nas12.itc.virginia.edu
/if18 Humphrey nas12.itc.virginia.edu
/if19 Spare nas13.itc.virginia.edu
/if20 Spare nas13.itc.virginia.edu
/if21 Emeritus (Batson,French,Hazelwood,Jones,Pfaltz,Reynolds,Son,Wulf) nas13.itc.virginia.edu
/if22 Instructional (Bloomfield, Horton,Sherriff,Delong,Edwards,van Hornweder) nas13.itc.virginia.edu
/if23 Spare nas13.itc.virginia.edu
/if24 Departmental Staff nas13.itc.virginia.edu