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3. Next to “path”, select “manual entry”
3. Next to “path”, select “manual entry” (YOU MUST USE  FQDN in path  \\apollo.cs.virginia.edu or \\athena.cs.virginia.edu)
4. Enter the pathway on the typewriter screen:
4. Enter the pathway on the typewriter screen:

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Scanner: Scan Documents to your Athena/Apollo User Folder

You can create a pathway for yourself, so press “scanner key” and log in as yourself.

1. On scanner screen, select “folder”

2. Select “manual entry” (under the file folder icon)

3. Next to “path”, select “manual entry” (YOU MUST USE FQDN in path \\apollo.cs.virginia.edu or \\athena.cs.virginia.edu)

4. Enter the pathway on the typewriter screen: \\name of your “K” drive\username Example: my “K” drive is on “apollo”, so my path is \\apollo.cs.virginia.edu\fls4t If you wish your scan to go into a particular drive on your “K” drive, put that after your username. Example: \\apollo\fls4t\scanner will send the document I am scanning to a folder named “scanner” you to have previously set up this folder.

5. Enter your username in the space provided, and enter your CSDOM Windows password (the same one you use to log onto the copier.)

6. Perform a “connection test” using the button at the bottom right of the screen. If the connection test is OK, and exit back to main screen

Save your configuration with a name/label

7. Press button that says Prg-Dest. (Program Destination) push the “names” button at the upper left of the screen.

8. Push “change” under the space labeled “name”, and enter a name for your pathway. You can name it your username, for example, fls4t-apollo; give it something descriptive, you may someday setup more than one folder. Press OK to get back to the main scanner screen.

9. To give a name to the document you are scanning, press the “file name” button towards the lower left of the screen, and type in a file name. Otherwise the document appears on your K drive with just a number—not a problem if you are scanning just one or two documents, but if you have a stack of things to scan separately this helps you find it.