How to add a network folder as a scan destination

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You can set up scan folders on the copier to any network location your ID gives you access to. The important parts are having the right path and getting your credentials entered correctly so the printer can authenticate for you.

To set up the folder initially, once you have logged into the copier:

  • Push the Scanner button to enter scan mode
  • In the scanning menu tap the Folder tab, then tap Manual Entry
  • For ITC folders enter the path as \\\YYY where XX is the pertinent server number, 10-13, and YYY is the folder name; For any other network folders just enter the full UNC path
  • Enter your user name preceded by csdom\ to fully identify it
  • Enter your password
  • You can tap Connection Test on the bottom right to see if it is working, then click OK

Once it the folder is set up you return to the main scanner screen. To save the folder settings for future use:

  • Tap the 'Prg. Dest.' button
  • On the Program/Change Address Book screen click OK
  • On the Name screen type a short name then click OK
  • On the Program/Change Address Book screen click OK again

You should then see the new entry, with the name you set, as an option in the bottom half of the screen.