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The UVA Exchange server supports two access methods: MS-Exchange Services (a proprietary MS protocol) and IMAP. Outlook Web Services provides the propriety Exchange connectivity, and is limited to the Microsoft Outlook client (available for Windows and OS-X).

Outlook Web Services

Outlook For Windows

Outlook for OS-X

Setup OSX Microsoft Outlook For UVA Exchange


While ITS does not officially provide support for Thunderbird (they will not address questions regarding your email client usage), we still recommend and support this client. Other IMAP clients also work and have been tested on OSX and Android to yield mobile access. Unfortunately the third party software used by Microsoft to access Exchange via OWS (Outlook Web Services) on mobile platforms is insecure and not permitted on the UVa server.

The official UVA/ITS support page listing these settings can be found here. The settings for all IMAP clients are:

Protocol FQDN Server Name Port Encryption Authentication
IMAP 993 SSL/TLS Normal Password
SMTP 587 STARTTLS Normal Password

There are a couple of important items to note:

  • The "from:" setting for your imap client must list your UVA id and eservices. This is your "email address" so far as your mail client is concerned (not the same as the "account name"). This is of the form: now it is not possible to send from an alias. We relayed to ITS at a Migration Advisory Committee meeting last summer that this was really very unacceptable to many people. Please be aware that this may affect mailing list subscriptions because mailing list software has no sense of "you" only of an email address string.
  • Many people report

Thunderbird Windows & Linux (and other OSes)


Setup OSX Apple Mail for UVA Exchange

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