Switching Default UVA Email Account from CMS Mail to Exchange Mail

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Check Account Status

If unsure whether or not an Exchange account and Eservices email address already exist navigate to 'Manage Deliverable Addresses' to check. After logging in with NetBadge examine the list of available deliverable addresses - if there is not one listed that ends in '@eservices.virginia.edu' then one will need to be requested. If there is an Eservices email address then skip to the Set Default Address section.

Request Exchange/Eservices Account Creation

To request an Exchange/Eservices account go to the 'Email at UVa' page and follow the 'Request UVa Exchange Account' link. Log in through NetBadge then, on the 'Eservices Exchange Management' page, click the 'Request Account' button. A message should appear indicating that the request was successful. If an error appears but there was no Eservices email address found in the previous step it may be that the Exchange account exists but that no address was requested yet. Proceed through the next step to see if requesting the address works before contacting ITS for support.

Create and Register the Eservices Email Address

The next step is to create the Eservices email address. Go to the 'Register your Primary Address' page and click the 'Create a Primary Address' button. A message indicating success should appear. If not then contact ITS for support.

Set Default Address

Once the address is created it will need to be set as the default delivery address using the 'Manage Aliases' page. Use the dropdown(s) under the 'Current Aliases' section to set the computing ID's '@virginia.edu' address to the new '@eservices.virginia.edu' address. On that same page repoint any aliases that direct mail to your CMS account to another account, whether Exchange or elsewhere.

Change the From Address

To change the 'From:' address on the server from '@eservices.virginia.edu' to '@virginia.edu' go to the 'Change From Address' page and click the 'Change From: Address' button. A message should appear indicating it was successfully changed.

Activate Mobile Access

Finally, and optionally, set the new account up for mobile access by going to the 'Activate Exchange for a Mobile Device' page. Click on the 'Mobile Activation' button to set that option for the account.


Log into the Outlook Web App to check access, sending, and receiving. Once the account is accessible via the Web App you should be able to set up the account in Outlook.

Forwarding from CMS

Until the CMS system is turned off completely mail sent to the explicit CMS address (@cms.mail.virginia.edu) will still go there. (This will occur quite often when people are using contact information silently gathered by their client to send mail to former CMS users.)

To forward all incoming CMS mail to the Eservices address log into the CMS WebMail app and navigate to the 'Settings' tab. Under the 'CMS Settings' link list follow the 'Forwarding' link. Set the forwarding address to the @virginia.edu address and use the drop down to enable it. If the CMS account is no longer going to be checked then deselect the 'Keep a copy of my email on the CMS' option.

Next Steps

Refer to the Setting up UVa Exchange email on Outlook under Windows 7 wiki entry to get started in Outlook. Then refer to Moving Mail from CMS to Eservices Using Outlook to get started organizing the mail between the accounts.