Using Exceed with SecureCRT for X11 Forwarding

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Our standard department setup for Exceed is for indirect mode. That is, users connect first to a display manager chooser (on apollo), and then get sent in direct mode to a server with a logon display manager (XDM on Solaris machines, KDM or GDM on Linux machines).

In order to use Exceed with SecureCRT to have X11 windows forwarded to your local machine, Exceed must be switched to passive mode.

Configuration changes

To do so, your Exceed config should be changed:

  • In Windows/Programs/Exceed is Xconfig open this
  • Under Communication change from Indirect -> Passive Also change Display number to "0"
  • Under Screen Definition change Window Mode from Single -> Multiple.
  • Under Screen Definition change Window Manager to Native.

In SecureCRT, right click on each host that will send back X clients

  • look at Properties under Connection/Port Forwarding/Remote/X11 you will need to have Forward X11 packets checked for that specific host.