Chapter 12 Tor and Dark Web

12.1 Background

Tor is network of computers that allows user to browse the web annoymously. It works by relaying the users traffic through seriers of machines. This means that the receiving host can only tell that the traffic is coming from last machine in the series but does not know which machine orginiated the traffic.

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12.2 Setting up Tor virtual Machine

Running Tor in virtual Machine is not secure since, the host can see all of the traffic associate with the virtual machine. It is best to run tor from a USB.

Step 1 Download the tor iso image

Step 2 Create a new virtual machine and install tor. For a quick refresher, revist the getting setup lab.

12.3 Annoymous Browsing

Step 3 Once you have completed setting up tor. Login and Launch the iceweseal browser.

[Include screen shot of how to launch ice weseal browser]

Step 3 Once iceweseal browswer starts you should see the following screen. Congratulations you are now connected to the dark web.

Step 4 is a webserver engine that allows to search for machines are connected to the web. These machines could be ip-cameras, webservers with open telnet ports etc. Try browsing annoymously to the

Step 4 Search for the list of open ip-cameras. By typing webcames in search box.

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Step 5 Click one of the ip-addresses [Include ]

##Tor hidden services and hidden sites. There are some websites and services that can only be acessed from tor network. Let’s take

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The database is stored in a distributed hash table. [Include a picture discussing DHT]