Dezhi Hong

Email: hong AT virginia DOT edu
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I have moved to UCSD and this is my new page.

I have completed my Ph.D. in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Virginia. My adviser is Professor Kamin Whitehouse.

My research lies at the intersection of Cyber-Physical Systems, Data Mining, and Machine Learning, with a particular interest in energy-efficient systems.

I earned my B.S. from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (aka BUPT, or in Chinese 北邮) in 2012, majoring in Electrical Engineering.

I am an avid photographer.

Some Papers

*Jason Koh, *Dezhi Hong, Rajesh Gupta, Kamin Whitehouse, Hongning Wang, Yuvraj Agarwal.
Plaster: An Integration, Benchmark, and Development Framework for Metadata Normalization Methods.
In BuildSys’18

Dezhi Hong, Quanquan Gu, Kamin Whitehouse.
High-dimensional Time Series Clustering via Cross-Predictability.
In AISTATS'17 (poster, data, errata)

*Bharathan Balaji, Arka Bhattacharya, Gabe Fierro, Jingkun Gao, Joshua Gluck, Dezhi Hong, Aslak Johansen, Jason Koh, Yuvraj Agarwal, Mario Bergés, David Culler, Rajesh Gupta, Mikkel Baun Kjærgaard, Joern Ploennigs, Mani Srivastava, Kamin Whitehouse.
Brick v1.0 - Towards a Unified Metadata Schema For Buildings.
Best Paper Nominee, Audience Choice Award, Best Demo Award
In BuildSys’16 (ppt, extended journal version)
*Alphabetical Order

Dezhi Hong, Hongning Wang, Jorge Ortiz, Kamin Whitehouse.
The Building Adaptor: Towards Quickly Applying Building Analytics at Scale.
Best Paper Nominee
In BuildSys'15 (ppt, data)

Arka Bhattacharya, Dezhi Hong, David Culler, Jorge Ortiz, Kamin Whitehouse, Eugene Wu.
Automated Metadata Construction to Support Portable Building Applications.
Best Paper Nominee
In BuildSys'15

Dezhi Hong, Hongning Wang, Kamin Whitehouse.
Clustering-based Active Learning on Sensor Type Classification in Buildings.
In CIKM'15 (ppt)

Dezhi Hong, Jorge Ortiz, Kamin Whitehouse, David E. Culler.
Towards Automatic Spatial Verification of Sensor Placement in Buildings.
In BuildSys'13 (ppt)


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