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I'm a graduate student at the University of Virginia. I research Cyber Physical Systems and using computational methods to improve lives and society with my advisor Kamin Whitehouse. My research aims to explore some of the practical uses and challenges of sensing and reasoning with technology in an environment to meet objectives invisibly and transparently, with no requirements on the user's behavior or cognitive load.

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The most interesting thing to sense in a home are the people -- who work, sleep, play, and live there 60% of the time. This project works to find a person's location in the home through ultrasonic and infrared sensors mounted in the doorways.

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Explicitly sensing vital heatlh signs is something done far too infrequently today, often once a year or less at the doctor's office. Here, we look at implicitly sensing vital signs whenever a person comes in contact with a chair, for near daily measurements of health.

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Piping Hot

Ever turn on the hot water and then wash your hands before it gets there? That unseen hot water becomes wasted energy cooling in your pipes. In this project, we look at predicting when and how much hot water is desired to mitigate and prevent this energy loss.

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Privacy is a huge concern in residential homes, but we'd still like to use high fidelity sensors, like thermal cameras, to provide accurate sensing. This work uses memory and bandwidth limited devices to provide privacy-preserving thermal camera sensing.

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Peak energy generation costs more than normal genreation and we're begining to see this cost passed on to consumers. Can we use water use patterns to inteligently store thermal energy in our water tanks in preparation for these hours and minimize costs?

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