Blues FC

Blues FC, November 23, 2003 (Photo by Kai Hui)

Blues FC plays in the SOCA co-rec league.

Spring 2004 Schedule

DateTimePlaceOpponentResult (Blues - Others)
Sunday, 29 Feb9:00amDarden Towe #3Horde1-3 (Jianping Wang)
Sunday, 7 March3pmDarden Towe #2Darden United1-6 (Katie Winstanley)
Sunday, 14 March1:00pmDarden Towe #2Rif Raf2-1 (Jianping Wang, Mike Rush)
Sunday, 21 March11:00amDarden Towe #2Sasquatch 1-7 (Mike Rush)
Sunday, 28 March9:00amDarden Towe #3Diablo0-2
Sunday, 4 April3:00pmDarden Towe #2Crutchfield1-2
Sunday, 18 April3:00pmDarden Towe #2Checkers
Sunday, 25 April11:00amDarden Towe #2Horde
Sunday, 2 May9:00amDarden Towe #3Darden United

Past Seasons

Fall 2003: 5 wins, 4 losses [Pictures]

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