University of Virginia, Department of Computer Science
cs150: Computer Science — Spring 2007
cs150  Spring 2007

Gallery of L-System Fractals

Selected PS3 Images

Admission to the Gallery is free, but donations of perishable food items are accepted.

Eyes by John Devor and Eric Montgomery

Exploding Bush by Edward Pan and Wayne Warner

Blue Tree by Meghan Knoll and Bailey Albach

Happy Bird Tree by Jon Morgan and Nadine Natour

mintleaf by Kevin Hosford, Nick Butler

Fractal Cross by Eric Montgomery and John Devor

Battle Axe by Eric Montgomery and John Devor

"V" shrubbery by Andrew Jesien, Becky Elstad

Blue Mist by Eric Montgomery and John Devor

A right-wing Christmas - awwwwww...... by Andrew Baker & Emily (Hung-in) Lam

After the Incident by Ben Morrison and Liz Peterson

The Branching of America in Mid-Fall by Mike Szlamowicz and Amelia Swafford

Most Beautifulest Snowflake in the world. by Jordan Buller, Jon Faulkner

Robot Cav Man by Jamie Jeon & Walter Borges

pink by Jessica Geist, Ellen Clarke

The Mask by Zachary Pruckowski, Kristen Henderson

Cherry Blossom by Ji Hyun Lee, Wei Wang

At least we finished. by Dmitriy Semenov and Sara Alspaugh

Crazytree by Anthony Rangel and Kyle Andres

Purple Arrow by Rachel Lathbury and Andrea Yoon

Broccoli Fallout by Paul DiOrio, Rachel Phillips

Nokomis McCaskill Chris Hooe

Red Hot and Blue by Paul DiOrio, Rachel Phillips

Basic Heart by Alex Rawls, Ang Lee

crazy blue tree by Victor Malaret, Folami Williams

Little Boxes by David Willett, Daniel King

where the red fern grows by Jessica Geist, Ellen Clarke

Roads at Night by Michael Lew, Jill Pritzker