University of Virginia, Department of Computer Science
CS200: Computer Science, Spring 2002

Problem Set 0: Registration Survey Out: 16 January 2002
Due: before 5:00pm on Thursday, 17 January

Email your answers to these questions in a plaintext email message (not an attachment or html-formatted message) to before 5:00pm on Thursday 17 January. The from address of your message will be added to the course mailing list.

Summary of Student Responses
My Responses

1.  Your full name

2.  Name you want me to call you (spell out phonetically if non-obvious
    how to pronounce)

3.  Anything you want to tell me that will help me learn your name

4.  Are you already registered for this course?

5.  Major and year

6.  How did you find out about this class?

7.  Why are you taking this class?

8.  Is there anything particular you hope to get out of this class?

9.  Have you ever written a computer program?  (If not, that's fine.
    Skip to question 12.)

10. What programming languages have you used and how much?

11. Which is your favorite?

12. Where do you prefer to work on assignments that require you to use a

13. Would you work in a public lab if there were staffed lab hours?

14. If so, which public lab(s) would you prefer to work in?

15. What times and days?

16. Would you prefer to work on assignments alone or with assigned

17. Would you prefer to have take-home or in-class exams? (All tests
    will be open book and notes.)

18. What book, movie or music has most changed your life?

19. Anything else you think I should know about you?

20. Anything you want to know about me or the course?

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