University of Virginia, Department of Computer Science
CS200: Computer Science, Spring 2002

Problem Set 7: Quantum Computing
The Quist for Shor
Out: 27 March 2002
Due: 5 April 2002, before class

Turn-in Checklist: On Friday, 5 April, bring to class a stapled turn in containing:
  • Your written answers to questions 1, 2a, and 4a.
  • All the code you wrote or modified for this problem set. Be sure to clearly mark the code for each question.
  • Collaboration Policy - Read Carefully

    This problem set is intended to help you prepare for Exam 2. You may work on it by yourself or with other students, but you will need to do the exam on your own.

    Regardless of whether you work alone or with a partner, you are encouraged to discuss this assignment with other students in the class and ask and provide help in useful ways. You may consult any outside resources you wish including books, papers, web sites and people. If you use resources other than the class materials, indicate what you used along with your answer.

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