Conveying Complexity Highlights

This page: Conveying Complexity Highlights contains links to some of the most interesting, illuminating, and/or entertaining submissions for PS7. Enjoy watching the movies, listening to the music, and playing the games! (Alas, HTTP 1.1 does not provide any support for transmitting cakes, however.)

PS7 Submissions

Please submit your PS7 by posting a comment to this post.

Some reminders from the PS7 handout are below, see that handout for full details.

If you work in a team, your team should jointly post a single submission with all of your names on it.

Your post should include:

  • the names of everyone on the team
  • a description of your target audience
  • either the artifact itself or a link to it if it is hosted elsewhere
  • (optionally) a [More...]
  • Class 25: NP-Complete Appetizers

    Class 25 slides: [PPTX] [PDF]

    Since I badly messed up the reduction from SUBSET-SUM to KNAPSACK, and don’t see an obvious way to fix this, you can solve this question in place of Problem 5 on PS6. If you get an especially elegant and convincing answer that you would like to present in class Tuesday, send it to me by Monday afternoon.

    The reading handed out today is available here: The Status of the P versus NP Problem, [More...]

    Problem Sets 6 and 7

    Problem Sets 6 and 7 are now posted. Problem Set 7 is quite different from all the other problem sets. Although it is not due until the last day of class, I strongly encourage everyone to read it now (only one page) and start thinking about what you want to do for it. You do not need to wait until you finish PS6 to start PS7 (and I would recommend starting on it earlier).

    Problem Set 6: [PDF] [More...]

    Reading for this week

    The next reading assignment is Sipser, Chapter 7. (We are skipping Chapter 6.)

    Problem Set 6, originally scheduled to be due on April 20th on the syllabus, will now be due on April 27 (and will be posted soon).

    PS5 Comments

    Problem Set 5 Comments: [PDF]

    Problem Set 4 Comments

    Problem Set 4 Comments: [PDF]

    Problem Set 4

    Problem Set 4 is here: [PDF] [LaTeX template]

    PS4 is due Tuesday, 23 March (one week from today).

    Spring Break Schedule

    There will be no regularly scheduled office hours this week, but I am available for appointments, just send email to arrange a meeting. Enjoy your Spring Break!

    If you do want to get ahead on the course over spring break, the next reading assignment is Chapter 3 in the Sipser book. This is what Problem Set 4 will cover, and it is due on Tuesday, March 23.

    Problem Set 3 Comments

    Problem Set 3 comments are here: [PDF]

    Problem Set 2 Comments

    The Problem Set 2 comments are here. I have also placed a folder with printed copies in the boxes at the entrance of Olsson Hall.

    Problem Set 3

    Problem Set 3 is now posted: [PDF] [LaTeX template]

    Problem Set 3 is due next Tuesday, 23 February at the beginning of class. Note that you only have one week for PS3 (but it is somewhat shorter than PS2).

    Problem Set 1 Comments

    Here are the Comments on Problem Set 1.

    The average score for PS1 is 60 (full-credit answers for all non-bonus questions would be worth 78 total points). By question, the averages were:

    1a 1.96/2
    1b 1.98/2
    1c 1.95/2
    1d [More...]

    Problem Set 2

    Problem Set 2 is now posted: [PDF] [LaTeX template]. It is due on Tuesday, 16 February.

    PS2 covers NFAs (questions 1-3), regular and non-regular languages (questions 4-7), and push-down automata and grammars (questions 8-10). We’ve covered everything for questions 1-3 in class already, will cover what is used for questions 4-7 in tomorrow’ class (Class 5), and will introduce PDAs and grammars next week. Please use the comments on this post to ask questions about PS2.

    Using LaTeX

    This page provides some information on using LaTeX for cs3102. If you have questions, or find any useful resources, please post them in the comments on this post.

    Problem Set 1

    Problem Set 1 [PDF] is now posted, and is due at the beginning of class (2:00pm) on Tuesday, 2 February. The LaTeX template for PS1 is here: ps1-template.tex. [Note: Problem 4 has been removed from PS1, see comment below for details.]