Class 3: Historical Perspectives [Gabe Robins]

Here are the slides from Gabe Robins’ guest lecture on [PPTS (212MB download, but well worth the wait!)].

Using LaTeX

This page provides some information on using LaTeX for cs3102. If you have questions, or find any useful resources, please post them in the comments on this post.

Class 2: Problems and Finite Automata

Class 2: DFA Notes, Slides: [PPTX, PDF]

Thursday’s class will be a guest lecture by Gabe Robins. Thursday’s office hours will be held by Sonail in the Stacks after class (3:15-4:30).

Survey Responses

Here are my responses to the questions you asked in your submitted registration surveys. (If you think of more questions later, feel free to add them as comments to this post.)

I’m really interested in security although I have very little knowledge of it. Are there any opportunities for me to learn more?

Great! There are lots of opportunities to learn about security or get involved in security research at UVa.

You may be interested in joining the “Security Reading Group”. [More...]

Class 1: Theory and Practice, Definitions, Proofs

The slides from class 1 are posted here: [PDF] [PPTX].

Problem Set 1

Problem Set 1 [PDF] is now posted, and is due at the beginning of class (2:00pm) on Tuesday, 2 February. The LaTeX template for PS1 is here: ps1-template.tex. [Note: Problem 4 has been removed from PS1, see comment below for details.]

Registering for cs3102

Please register for the course blog (you can use a pseudonym if you want), and complete the course registration survey (you must be logged into the blog to do the survey, so register and login first). The survey should be submitted no later than Sunday, January 24.


Welcome to cs3102: Theory of Computation (the course previously known as “cs302: Discrete Mathematics”).

Classes start next week. cs3102 meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 2-3:15pm in Olsson 120.

The textbook for this course is:

Michael Sipser, Introduction to the Theory of Computation (Second Edition). [Amazon]