Problem Set 3

Problem Set 3 is now posted: [PDF] [LaTeX template]

Problem Set 3 is due next Tuesday, 23 February at the beginning of class. Note that you only have one week for PS3 (but it is somewhat shorter than PS2).

3 comments to Problem Set 3

  • aml9j

    For problem 1, are we supposed to write a context free grammar or is a couple sentences describing the language okay? How specific should we be with out description?

    • Yes. There are many ways to describe the language. A clear CFG would be a good way to describe the language. A clear description in English would be fine too. Your description should make it easy to determine correctly whether or not a string is in the language.

  • The original PS3 handout was a bit unclear on which questions you need to answer since I forgot to replace the text in [[[]]]’s at the top of the handout. The (now-corrected) top should read:

    Answer the first five questions and optional bonus question 6.

    This means you can get “full credit” for PS3 by providing good answers to questions 1-5. You can get better-than full credit by also answering question 6 and the bonus challenge part of Problem 1.