Exam 1

Exam 1 was in class on Tuesday, 2 March. It covered material from Problem Set 1-3, Sipser Chapters 0-2, and Classes 1-9 (through 23 February).

Exam: [PDF]

Preliminary comments: [PDF]

Final comments: [PDF]

This practice exam from Spring 2008 (the only other time I taught this class) should give you a rough idea want to expect on the Exam: 2008 Exam 1 [PDF]; Exam Comments [PDF] (I recommend trying the exam yourself before reading the comments).

Exam 2

Exam 2 (covers material from Problem Sets 1-5 and Classes 1-18): take-home (out Thursday, April 8, due Tuesday, April 13)

Exam: [PDF]

LaTeX Template: [LaTeX]

Comments: [PDF] (also discussed in Class 23)

Final Exam

The final exam covers entire course. It will be Thursday, May 13, 9am-noon (scheduled by registrar).

Final Exam Preview: [PDF]

Final Exam: [PDF]

Final Exam Comments: [PDF]