Conveying Complexity Highlights

Here are some selected submissions for Problem Set 7. For details and more submissions, see PS7 Submissions.

Mario – Determinism vs. Nondeterminism [video]
by Navid Hosseini, John Koelling, Trung Tran, and Ben Powell

A Downfall Parody: P = NP [Video]
by Arthur Gordon, Allison Gurlitz, Stephen Lam, Eugene Moy

TSP Art [web application to generate images]
Kevin Leach

Puzzling Pegboards!
Dan Andrino, Peter Chapman, Michael Chen, Chris Lee, Nicholas Loffredo

Pete Complete and the Mysterious Birthday Party [PDF] by Matthew Kishiyama

SubsetSum Invaders
[game] by Andrew Gaubatz
P=NP Comics [PDF] by Tom Smilack and Jeff Geiger

The Cake Can’t be Computed in Polynomial Time by Nathan Case, Allison Light, and Tyler Richmond

Computer Scientist Guy [song] by Christopher Jones
LexodynPNP (music) by Travis Cook
FUN with Turing Machines [PDF] by Nikhita Karki
ColoringBook [PDF] by David Renardy
Activity book for the Young at Heart [PDF] by Irene Beckman and Alex Johnson

by Albert Mayo