University of Virginia, Department of Computer Science
CS551: Security and Privacy on the Internet, Fall 2000

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Course Projects


Students will work in groups of 1-4 on a security-related project. Projects may involve assessing an existing system, designing and implementing a secure application, or surveying research and policy issues on a focuses topic.

See the list of project ideas to get started, but you are encouraged to propose any relevant topic you wish. Grouops are encouraged to meet with the course staff to discuss project ideas long before the proposal is due. There are some good reasons to make sure the course staff approves of your proposal.

The size of the project should scale as the square root of the number of people in the group (i.e., a 4-person team should be twice as productive as an individual).

Project Pre-Proposals
Project Proposals


Team 1: Securing Internet Chat
Aaron Bajek, Daniel George Loffredo, Jae Woo Pak, William GJ Halfond

Team 2: Internet Credit Card Security Issues
Adam Scott Trost, Dev Batta, Son Truong Ho

Team 3: ISIS Online
Adam Spanberger, Kristen Rae Olvera, Mike Lanouette, Ryan Hammond

Team 4: User Attacks
Andrew Snyder, Carl Morris, Tran Ngoc ("Ken") Nguyen

Team 5: A Study of the Secure Digital Music Initiative
Brandon Sutler, Jesse Robinson, Sachin Kamath, Vineet Aggarwal

Team 6: Macro Virus Filter Library
Christopher Hayden, John Loizeaux, Matthew Keller, William Foster

Team 7: Requirements for Building a Secure System for Online Performance Evalutions
Dan Rubin, James Tsai, James Watson, Philip Varner

Team 8: Password-Reminder Systems
Dave Rubens, Jermaine McDonald, Jon Axisa, Ryan Persaud

Team 9: Copyright Protection with Fair Use
David Dobbs, Jennifer Kahng, Virginia Volk, William Greenwell

Team 10: Digital Millenium Act and the DCSS Case
Elizabeth Partridge, Timothy Catlett, Victor Von Ludwig, William Haubert

Team 11: Bluetooth Security
Gerlando Falauto, Greg Lamm, Jagadesh Gadiyaram, Jorge Estrada Collado

Team 12: Smart Card Security
Gregory Kish, Jamie Walls, Rob Rex


Monday, 18 September Preliminary Proposal Due
Wednesday, 4 October Full Proposal Due

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CS 551: Security and Privacy on the Internet
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