University of Virginia, Department of Computer Science
CS551: Security and Privacy on the Internet, Fall 2000

Manifest: Monday 11 September 2000 and Wednesday 13 September

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Monday, 18 SeptemberProjects Preliminary Proposal

Read before 13 September: Read before 18 September: Stallings, Chapter 6
September 11: September 13:

The only way to get the NSA to admit to the ability to break a given algorithm is to encrypt something so valuable that its public dissemination is worth the admission. Or, better yet, create a really funny joke and send it via encrypted e-mail to shady characters in shadowy countries. NSA employees are people, too; I doubt even they can keep a good joke secret.

Bruce Schneier (lead designer of Blowfish and Twofish), Applied Cryptography.

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Department of Computer Science
CS 551: Security and Privacy on the Internet
David Evans