University of Virginia, Department of Computer Science
CS551: Security and Privacy on the Internet, Fall 2000

Manifest: Wednesday 25 October 2000

Assignments Due
8 NovemberProject Progress Reports


Readings Note: For the second half of the course, it will be much more important that you actually do the readings before class as assigned. I will assume you have done so in my lectures, and interesting class discussions will depend on you coming in having though about the material in the assigned reading.

Read before Monday, 30 October:

Read before 1 November: Optional additional reading (you will need to read at least one of these for Problem Set 4): Each of these papers describes recent work on systems that constrain the behavior of untrusted code. A question on Problem Set 4 will ask you to evaluate one of these systems in terms of the eight design principles in the Saltzer and Schroeder paper (p. 7 - 8). It is recommended that you read the abstract for each of these on-line, and print out and read the entire paper for the one or more that seem most interesting.


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CS 551: Security and Privacy on the Internet
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