University of Virginia, Department of Computer Science
CS551: Security and Privacy on the Internet, Fall 2000

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Problem Set 0: Registration Survey Out: 30 August 2000
Due: 31 August 2000, noon

Send a plaintext email message to before noon on Thursday, 31 August 2000 containing answers to the following questions. The message should be sent from the email address you wish to use on the course mailing list.

1. Your full name

2. Name you want me to call you (spell out phonetically if non-obvious)

3. Are you registered for this course?
      ___ Yes
      ___ No

   If not, and you have a good reason I should want you in the class tell me here:

3. Major and year 

4. Why are you taking this class?

5. Are there any particular topics you want to learn in this class?

6. List up to three project partners with whom you wish to work.  (We
don't promise to honor your request.)

7. Have you ever forged an email message?
      ___ Yes, this one.  (Note: please don't!)
      ___ Yes
      ___ No
      ___ You mean its possible to forge email?!?

8. Have you ever broken into a computer system?
      ___ No
      ___ Yes.  Details: (Explain as much as you want about the system
and how you broke in.  I won't report anything unless it sounds like a
national security risk.)

9. Have you used PGP?
      ___ Yes, regularly.
      ___ Yes, occasionally.
      ___ No, I don't do anything secretive.
      ___ No, I don't take drugs.

10. Have you ever been the victim of a computer security attack?
      ___ No
      ___ Yes.  Describe:

11. What is you favorite movie or book about computer security or encryption?

12. Which of these courses have you taken (or are taking currently)?
      ___ E-commerce
      ___ Networks
      ___ Operating Systems

      ___ A linguistics course:
      ___ A statistics/probability course:

CS 655 University of Virginia
Department of Computer Science
CS 551: Security and Privacy on the Internet
David Evans