University of Virginia, Department of Computer Science
CS588: Cryptology - Principles and Applications, Fall 2001

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Course Projects

Team 1: Timing Attacks on Elliptic Curve Cryptosystems (ECC) [Slides] [Report]
Zhijian Lu, Matthew Mah, Michael Neve, Eric Peeters

Team 2: CipherChess [Slides] [Report]
Adam Glaser, Emilio Lahr-Vivaz, Error McEachron

Team 3 - Security in Sensor Networks [Slides] [Report]
Tracy Barger, David Friedman, and Stavan Parikh

Team 4 - SSH Keystrokes [Slides] [Report]
Mike Hogye, Thad Hughes, Josh Sarfaty, Joe Wolf

Team 5 - Steganography [Slides] [Report]
Jon Erdman, Eric Hutchins, Stephen Liang, Portman Wills

Team 6 - De-Clawing Carnivore [Slides] [Report]
Dante Guanlao, Mike Tashbook, Leonard Woody, Dana Wortman

Team 7 - UVa Healtcare System: Medical Privacy [Slides] [Report]
Keen Browne, Allison Esclapez, Eugene Lebanidze, Haiyong Wang, Jim Zeng

Team 8 - National ID Card [Slides] [Report]
Saud Asad Khan Bangash, Michael Cuvelier, Chris Marinak, Adam Sowers

Team 9 - Security Flaws in ITC's Public Labs [Slides] [Report]
Note: report and slides are hidden until ITC has a chance to fix these problems.
John Calandrino, Samir Roy, Brian Walsh

Team 10 - Digital Watermarking for Music [Slides] [Report]
Rob Farraher, Ken Pickering, Lim Vu


Students will work in groups of 1-4 on a project related to cryptology and security. Projects may involve assessing an existing system, designing and implementing a secure application, or surveying research and policy issues on a focuses topic.

See the list of project ideas to get started, but you are encouraged to propose any relevant topic you wish. Grouops are encouraged to meet with the course staff to discuss project ideas long before the proposal is due.

Project Teams
Project Presentations
Project Reports

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