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COURSE:  C S 588 SECT. 0001
SESSION:    Fall, 2001
Frequency Count: 23
Expected Count: 37
Response Rate: 62%
1 How challenging was the subject matter? 17 5 0 0 0 22 4.773 0.429
2 How well were the objectives of the course accomplished? 12 8 2 0 0 22 4.455 0.671
3 How reasonable was the required level of effort for the credit hours received? 5 5 5 6 1 22 3.318 1.249
4 How useful were the homework assignments in helping you learn the course subject matter? 11 5 4 2 0 22 4.136 1.037
5 How helpful was the textbook in increasing your understanding of the material? 0 3 7 9 2 21 2.524 0.873
6 How well was the course material organized and developed? 12 6 4 0 0 22 4.364 0.790
7 How knowledgeable of the subject matter was the instructor? 16 6 0 0 0 22 4.727 0.456
8 How prepared for class was the instructor? 18 4 0 0 0 22 4.818 0.395
9 How accessible for individual assistance was the instructor? (excluding Teaching Assistants)? 13 5 4 0 0 22 4.409 0.796
10 How fair was the grading policy? 7 9 5 1 0 22 4.000 0.873
11 How adequate in response to in-class questions was the instructor? 11 7 4 0 0 22 4.318 0.780
12 How representative of the major points of the course were the quizzes? 4 9 7 1 0 21 3.762 0.831
13 How do you rate this instructor as a teacher, relative to others in this School? 17 4 1 0 0 22 4.727 0.550
A=5=Well above average   B=4=Above average    C=3=Average   
D=2=Below average    E=1=Well below average

Summary of Comments: Standard Items
Q1: Write any general comments in the space below:
Comment1.1 The grader and undergraduate TA were extremely unhelpful when a question was asked of them. They seemed egotistical and trivialized student concerns as if they were obvious questions.
Dave Evans, on the other hand, was extremely approachable and very willing to help students understand the material better. He made lectures entertaining, the class projects were a great exercise, and I thoroughly enjoyed the challenging nature of the material.
I wish I had never bought the book.
Comment1.2 I had a great time taking your class. I will definitely recommend it to others. Thanks!
Comment1.3 This course is very challenging, but the material is so interesting and the professor is so good, that Im glad I took it. The level of commitment to the course and the students that Prof. Evans shows, as well as his knowledge of the subject, are unparalleled.

A fine example of Evans involvement in the course is the class web page. Full of interesting links to read, all the assignments and their solutions, as well as links to material the students have produced. Each days manifest with a list of the days topics and important questions to consider are also posted on the site. Contrast this with some other professors of mine who refues to post documents on the toolkit page.

I believe Dave Evans has a bright future at this University, all to this schools benefit. As I overheard some other students comment, in a few years, Dave will be the Ken Elzinga of the e-school. He realtes to his students very well, and is very approachable.

More on the course, I thought that the final projects at the end required far too much work. Especially considering that its due in the closing weeks of the semester, immediately after Thanksgiving break, the level of coordination among 3-4 members was a bit much.

I enjoyed the speakers that Dave invited to attend our class. They brought specific expertise and added enthusiasm to the days they attended.

I would recommend this course to anyone at the school who wants to learn, but is not afraid of lots of hard work.
Comment1.4 Great professor, like his creative approach to teaching.
Comment1.5 These online course evaluations are terrible. Insecure and poorly thought out and implemented.
Comment1.6 This was a very good course. And Dave is a very good teacher.
Comment1.7 s trs; rur p[rmomh v;sdd
Comment1.8 Very good class, the best I ever had, maybe. Even in other countries. But the subject is very interesting so ... i think everybody was captivated and motived to work...
Comment1.9 This is the best course I have taken so far in college. I found it to be consistantly challenging but never overburdening. I would actually look forward to doing the homework. The professor made a subject that could have been very dry interesting and exciting.
Comment1.10 The class is very difficult, but Dave Evans is probably one of the best teachers at this school - and probably one of the smartest too
Comment1.11 no comment
Comment1.12 This is without question the best class I have taken at this University. The professor did a phenomenal job with the organization and development of the material. Problem Sets were at the same time challenging and intriguing, enticing the student to put forth extra effort to gain a greater understanding of the material. All course material was readily and immediately available on the web site, which was impeccably maintained.

Dave, if youre reading this, thanks so much for an incredible class. I truly enjoyed it and learned an unbelievable amount over the course of the semester.
Comment1.13 Prof. Evans is the finest professor Ive had the pleasure of taking a class with. He is extremely knowledgable about his field of study and portrays this information effectively. The class was a lot of work, but I found it to be quite interesting.

The presentation slides were well done, and the web page was an excellent way of communicating. I especially like the articles relevant to our course of study placed there.