University of Virginia, Department of Computer Science
CS655: Programming Languages, Spring 2000

Manifest: Tuesday 25 April 2000
Assignments Due
Friday, 28 AprilProject Final Report
Monday, 1 May, 6:30-8pmProject Rotunda Presentations
Sunday, 7 May -
Wednesday, 10 May
Final Exam (you will pick times somewhere in those days on Thursday)


To be discussed Thursday 27 April (handed out today):

Everything we have looked at so far involves programming digital, electronic computers using a text syntax. Next time, we will look at different ways of programming computers, and ways of programming different things.

· Ken Kahn. Drawings on Napkins, Video-Game Animation, and Other Ways to Program Computers. Communications of the ACM, August 1996.

You can try out ToonTalk from

· David Canfield Smith, Allen Cypher, and Larry Tesler. Novice Programming Comes of Age.
You can try out Stagecast Creator from

· Harold Abelson, Don Allen, Daniel Coore, Chris Hanson, George Homsy, Thomas F. Knight, Radhika Nagpal, Erik Rauch, Gerald Jay Sussman, Ron Weiss. Amorphous Computing. AI Memo, August 1999 (version will appear in next month's Communications of the ACM.)

How do we program non-computer-like things such as living cells?


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