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CS655: Programming Languages, Spring 2000

Manifest: Tuesday, 22 February 2000
Assignments Due
Today, 5pmMeeting preferences form (exactly one per group)
Today, 5pmMock Trial Requset Form
Thursday, 24 Feb, 11amSend email about assigned readings, see 17 Feb manifest.
Monday, 28 Feb 11:59pm Position Paper 3: CLUs about Ada
Thursday, 2 March in class Problem Set 2: Types


No new readings. See 17 Feb Manifest for readings due 24 Feb and 29 Feb.

And so, the best of my advices to the originators and designers of ADA has been ignored. In this last resort, I appeal to you, representatives of the programming profession in the United States, and citizens concerned with the welfare and safety of your own country and of mankind: Do not allow this language in its present state to be used in applications where reliability is critical, i.e., nuclear power stations, etc. The next rocket to go astray as a result of a programming language error may not be an exploratory space rocket on a harmless trip to Venus: It may be a nuclear warhead exploding over one of our own cities. An unreliable programming language generating unreliable programs consitutes a far greater risk to our environment and to our society than unsafe cars, toxic pesticides, or accidents at nuclear power stations. Be vigilant to reduce that risk, not to increase it.

C. A. R. Hoare, "The Emperor's Old Clothes" (Turing Award Lecture), CACM Feb 1981.

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