University of Virginia, Department of Computer Science
CS655: Programming Languages, Spring 2000

Manifest: Thursday 24 February 2000
Assignments Due
Monday, 28 Feb 11:59pm Position Paper 3: CLUs about Ada
Tuesday, 29 Feb noon Send one (previously asked for three) question or comment about Viega paper (see 17 Feb Manifest)
Thursday, 2 March in class Problem Set 2: Types
Thursday, 2 Mar (5pm)Prosecution Attorneys only - Charges, Witness List and Exhibits

Today's Task

Your task today is to design Nutscrape Webagator, a fully-functional web browser. Your design should be as elegant and extensible as possible using the assigned language. The task of the web browser is to display and provide user interactions with different kinds of elements including plain HTML, pictures, buttons (with a click action) and edit controls (that can enter text and have a submit action). In addition, the browser has a menu bar and button bar. Show the general design, and explicitly what happens when the user redisplays the window. You should aim to produce both a high-level design and some examples of real code excerpts. What limitations or difficulties of your assigned language do you have to overcome in your design?

Each group will present their design at the end of class today. The goal of your presentation is to convince Nutscrape that they should use your design and the language assigned to your group to build their next browser.

The groups are:


Song Li
Geoff Stoker
Andrea Rowan
Avneesh Saxena
Hexin Wang

Yannick Loitere
Seejo Sebastine
Jianrong Zhang
Michael Walker
Ying Lu
Java Junkies

Mike Smoot
Michele Co
Greg Yukl
Yu Lin
Joel Winstead
Eiffel and
Eicant Getup-ers

David Larochelle
Bill Huang
Anir De
Jinze Liu
Pinchao Lu
Sather Sages

Jeffrey Harry
Peixian Li
Yves Lepouchard
Yiting Nan
Jamie McCliggott

Note: we didn't read papers on C++ or Java; you were assigned to these groups based on your registration surveys.


No new readings. See 17 Feb Manifest for readings due on 29 Feb.

The 17 Feb Manifest requested three questions or comments about Viega's paper. You only need to send me one question or comment, but make it a good one.

If you're in the penalty area and don't know what to do with the ball, put it in the net and we'll discuss the options later.
Bob Paisley

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