University of Virginia, Department of Computer Science
CS655: Programming Languages, Spring 2000

Manifest: Tuesday 21 March 2000
Assignments Due
Today, 5pm Trial Depositions (attorneys and witnesses only)
Thursday, 23 Mar (11:59pm)Project Prelminary Report
Monday, 3 April (11:59pm)Position Paper 4 (Trial Verdicts) - Jurors Only
Tuesday, 11 April (in class)Problem Set 3


No new readings.

Read before Thursday 23 March (handed out 7 March):

· Alex Aiken and Brian Murphy. Static Type Inference in a Dynamically Typed Language.

The authors present a system for type inference for FL using an operational semantics. Try to see through the complex notation and understand what is really going on, but don't worry if you can't make sense of all the details.


I never comment on referees and I'm not going to break the habit of a lifetime for that prat.
Ron Atkinson

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CS 655: Programming Languages
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