University of Virginia, Department of Computer Science
CS655: Programming Languages, Spring 2000

Manifest: Tuesday 28 March and Thursday 30 March 2000
Assignments Due
Monday, 3 April (11:59pm)Position Paper 4 (Trial Verdicts) - Jurors Only
Tuesday, 11 April (in class)Problem Set 3
Friday, 28 AprilProject Final Report

Mock Trial Procedure

Opening Statements (Prosecution, Defense)
Prosecution Witnesses
     Direct examination by prosecuting attorney, Cross examination by defense attorney
     Jury Questions, Re-direct examination by prosecuting attorney (if desired)
Defense Witnesses (continued on Thursday)
     Direct examination by defense attorney, Cross examination by prosecuting attorney
     Jury Questions, Re-direct examination by defense attorney (if desired)
Closing Statements (Prosecution, Defense)


Read before Tuesday 4 April (handed out 23 March):

Turbak & Gifford. Applied Semantics of Programming Languages. Chapter 4.
Luca Cardelli. Basic Polymorphic Typechecking. Science of Computer Programming, 8(2): 147-172, 1987.


How do you pronounce "Bjarne Stroustrup?"
It can be difficult for non-Scandinavians. The best suggestion I have heard yet was "start by saying it a few times in Norwegian, then stuff a potato down your throat and do it again :-)" Here is a wav file.

For people who can't receive sound, here is a suggestion: Both of my names are pronounced with two syllables: Bjar-ne Strou-strup. Neither the B nor the J in my first name are stressed and the NE is rather weak so maybe Be-ar-neh or By-ar-ne would give an idea. The first U in my second name really should have been a V making the first syllable end far down the throat: Strov-strup. The second U is a bit like the OO in OOP, but still short; maybe Strov-stroop will give an idea.

Yes, this probably is the most frequently asked question :-)

From Bjarne Stroustrup's Frequently Asked Questions file (

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