University of Virginia, Department of Computer Science
CS655: Programming Languages
Spring 2000

Position Paper 1: Why X Is Not My Favorite Programming Language

Due: Monday, 24 January at 11:59pm
Out: 20 January

Write a paper in the spirit of Kernighan's Why Pascal Is Not My Favorite Programming Language. You may choose any programming language (using a broad definition of programming language) you want, but you are encouraged to pick a language some people actually like rather than an obvious target.

Your paper should focus on properties of the language itself, not flaws in available implementations. Violations of principles of good design such as simplicity, regularity, and safety are more interesting than the lack of some particular feature you like. (Note, by this standard, Kernighan's paper would not merit a very high grade - probably only a check; actually a check- because we would have stopped reading it in the middle of section 2.1)

Your paper may be as short as you like, but not longer than the Declaration of Independence (see the

Submit your paper by following the directions at

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CS 655: Programming Languages
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