University of Virginia, Department of Computer Science
CS655: Programming Languages
Spring 2000

Project Final Report

Out: 18 April 2000
Final Report Due: Friday, 28 April, 11:59pm

Final Report

The final report should motivate, describe and evaluate your work. You may organize your final report into sections as you see fit. It should include (but is not limited to):

There are no length constraints for the final report, but you should aim to be as concise, clear and organized as possible. You should be able to reuse much of your preliminary report (after changing the verb tenses, and revising) in your final report.

Since you are working in groups, the writing and presentation should be at a high quality. It is imperative that all group members carefully review the final report before it is submitted.

Format: The final report may be submitted either as a plain web page, or a PDF file. If you decide to submit a web page, you should not expect the reader to follow any links on your web page. Everything you want to be considered part of your report should print from a single URL.

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CS 655: Programming Languages
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