France - Saudi Arabia
4:0 (1:0)

Goals Scored:
HENRY Thierry (FRA) (36'), TREZEGUET David (FRA) (68'), HENRY Thierry (FRA) (77'), LIZARAZU Bixente (FRA) (85').

France Saudi Arabia
[16] BARTHEZ Fabien (GK) [ 1] AL DEAYEA Mohammed (GK)
[ 3] LIZARAZU Bixente [ 2] AL JAHANI Mohammed (-76')
[ 5] BLANC Laurent [ 3] AL KHILAIWI Mohammed
[ 7] DESCHAMPS Didier (Capt) [ 4] ZUBROMAWI Abdullah
[ 8] DESAILLY Marcel [ 6] AMIN Fuad (Capt)
[10] ZIDANE Zinedine [ 7] AL SHAHRANI Ibrahim
[12] HENRY Thierry (-78') [ 9] AL JABER Sami
[13] DIOMEDE Bernard (-58') [10] OWAIRAN Sayeed (-33')
[14] BOGHOSSIAN Alain [13] SULIMANI Hussein
[15] THURAM Lilian [16] DOSSARI Khamis
[21] DUGARRY Christophe (-29') [20] SALEH Hamzah

Substitutes: Substitutes:
[ 1] LAMA Bernard (GK) [ 5] MADANI Ahmed
[ 2] CANDELA Vincent [ 8] AL DOSSARY Obied
[ 4] VIEIRA Patrick [11] AL MEHALEL Fahad
[ 6] DJORKAEFF Youri (+58') [12] AL HARBI Ibrahim (+33',-63')
[ 9] GUIVARC'H Stephane [14] AL MOWALAD Khalid (+63')
[11] PIRES Robert (+78') [15] AL TUNIAN Youssef
[17] PETIT Emmanuel [17] AL DOSARI Ahmed (+76')
[18] LEBOEUF Frank [18] AL TEMYAT Nawaf
[19] KAREMBEU Christian [19] AL JANOUBI Abdulaziz
[20] TREZEGUET David (+29') [21] AL SADIG Hussein (GK)
[22] CHARBONNIER Lionel (GK) [22] AL ANTAIF Tisir (GK)

Coach: JACQUET Aimé (FRA) Coach: PARREIRA Carlos Alberto (BRA)

AL JAHANI Mohammed (KSA) (7'), BLANC Laurent (FRA) (35'), LIZARAZU Bixente (FRA) (52'), AL JABER Sami (KSA) (80').

AL KHILAIWI Mohammed (KSA) (19'), ZIDANE Zinedine (FRA) (70').

Match Officials:
  Assistant Referee 1:    SALINAS ROSTRAN, HND
  Assistant Referee 2:    TORRES ZUNIGA, CRC
  Fourth Official:TEJADA NORIEGA, PER

Match Summary:
France flag France

France system
  1. System of play: flexible 4-4-2 or 4-3-3 formation where four defending players are very active in the attacking role with good cooperation with the midfield players. Zidane and Deschamps are important schemers in midfield with good understanding with Dugarry (later Trezeguet) and attacking players from the wings (Henry and Diomede).
  2. Strong points: Fast, skilful and attractive combinations in a well balanced team. Good tactical discipline, properly executed. Nice to watch the moves and the creativity.
  3. Outstanding players: Zidane (10) and Henry (21)


  1. No deliberate offside tactics.
  2. Good combination of zone and man to man marking. Good understanding in the switching of players.
  3. Very good heading performance and individual technique of all defenders.
  4. Quick and efficient switching from defence to attack and vice-versa. Good set off of attacks by goalkeeper Barthez.
  5. Support from attack and midfield is another strong point of the team.
  6. Important aspect of the team is the balance in defending and attacking activities. Utility qualities of the team.


  1. Attack build-up through precise combinations with penetration runs. Good balance. Wing play is one of the stronger points of the team. Lizarazu (3) and Diomede (13) were using the left side; on the right wing there were Thuram and Henry co-operating well.
  2. High quality of shooting and dribbling performance. Many players are able to finish their moves. Recuperation of lost balls was done immediately.
  3. Good support from midfield and defence. Surprising moves were many.
  4. Performance in attack was flexible; showing many variations of attacking play and have many players of equal qualities. Changes and injury of players did not affect the teams’ performance.

French team is showing good performance. Very high mobility of players. System and tactics initiated by coach fit in well with the individual quality of players. No difference in standards are evident between the starting eleven and the reserves.

Saudi Arabia flag Saudi Arabia
  1. System of play: 3-5-1-1.
  2. Strong points: Goalkeeping (even the second goal was scored after his mistake).
  3. Outstanding players: Al Deayea (GK)


  1. No offside tactics.
  2. Zone and man to man marking; only efficient in the first 20 minutes.
  3. Sweeper is playing behind the defensive line.
  4. Average heading performance as well as in technical skill. Many balls were lost due to lacking of concentration and co-operation when building-up attacks.


  1. Mostly with long balls to the only striker of the teams. Not efficient at all (only two chances during the whole duration of the game).
  2. Shooting abilities not judgeable (see a).
  3. Recuperation of balls deep in their own half.
  4. Almost all players were participating in defensive work; therefore there was no support from midfield and defence to the strikers. Many balls were lost due to bad passing.

Saudi Arabia was an inferior opponent to the French team. Only in the first 20 minutes, the team showed some qualities in defence and building up attacks (one good chance within this period). After the red card of Al Khlaiwi, co-operation and co-ordination in defence was lost. Thanks to a good performance of the goalkeeper, the team "only" conceded 4 goals.

    Analysis by FIFA Technical Study Group

France's David Trezeguet
PARIS - France's David Trezeguet (20) and Saudi Arabia's Mohammed Al Jahni (R) during a first-round World Cup match in Paris. France beat Saudi Arabia 4-0. Photo by Grigory Dukor REUTERS
Post match Facts and Figures

5 - Arturo Brizio Carter has sent off 5 players in 4 matches officiated in World Cup final phases, equalling the all-time record of Joel Quiniou (8 matches): 3 in as many matches in 1994 edition (Marco Etcheverry (BOL) in Germany-Bolivia 1-0, Rigobert Song (CMR) in Brazil-Cameroon 3-0 and Gianfranco Zola (ITA) in Italy-Nigeria 2-1) and 2 (Mohammed Al Khilaiwi and Zinedine Zidane) tonight.

31 - France made 31 shots (20 on target), a record for the first 22 matches of this competition. Saudi Arabia has made only 3 shots (2 on target) the worst record for any one team to date in France 98. The home team was on target 57.14% of shots attempted (28/49) and converted 14.28% into goals. The French defence has conceded only 7 shots to their opponents in 2 matches played (4 on target).

Facts and Figures based upon France 98 results information system and FIFA Archives

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