Spain - Bulgaria
6:1 (2:0)

Goals Scored:
HIERRO Fernando (ESP) (6', pen.), LUIS ENRIQUE (ESP) (19'), MORIENTES Fernando (ESP) (55'), KOSTADINOV Emil (BGR) (58'), MORIENTES Fernando (ESP) (81'), KIKO (ESP) (88'), KIKO (ESP) (94').

Spain Bulgaria
[ 1] ZUBIZARRETA Andoni (GK, Capt) [ 1] ZDRAVKOV Zdravko (GK)
[ 4] ALKORTA [ 2] KISCHISCHEV Radostin
[ 6] HIERRO Fernando [ 3] IVANOV Trifon (Capt)
[ 7] MORIENTES Fernando [ 5] IORDANOV Ivaylo
[11] ALFONSO (-65') [ 7] KOSTADINOV Emil
[12] SERGI [ 8] STOITCHKOV Hristo (-46')
[15] AGUILERA Carlos [10] BALAKOV Krassimir (-61')
[17] ETXEBERRIA (-52') [13] GUINTCHEV Gocho
[18] AMOR Guillermo [16] NANKOV Anatoli (-28')
[20] NADAL Miguel [18] BORIMIROV Daniel
[21] LUIS ENRIQUE (-71') [19] BATCHEV Gueorgui

Substitutes: Substitutes:
[ 2] FERRER Alberto [ 4] PETKOV Ivaylo
[ 3] ARANZABAL [ 6] YANKOV Zlatko
[ 5] ABELARDO [ 9] PENEV Luboslav (+28')
[ 8] GUERRERO Julen (+71') [11] ILIEV Ilian (+46')
[ 9] PIZZI [12] MIHAYLOV Borislav (GK)
[10] RAUL (+52') [14] HRISTOV Marian (+61')
[13] CANIZARES Santiago (GK) [15] ZAFIROV Adalbert
[14] CAMPO Ivan [17] STOILOV Stoytcho
[16] CELADES Alberto [20] IVANOV Gueorgui
[19] KIKO (+65') [21] KIRILOV Rossen
[22] MOLINA Jose (GK) [22] PETKOV Milen

Coach: CLEMENTE Javier (ESP) Coach: BONEV Hristo (BGR)

AGUILERA Carlos (ESP) (17'), PENEV Luboslav (BGR) (47'+), GUERRERO Julen (ESP) (74'), BATCHEV Gueorgui (BGR) (85').


Match Officials:
Assistant Referee 1: GRIGORESCU, ROM
Assistant Referee 2: ROSSI, ARG
Fourth Official:LEVNIKOV, RUS

Match Summary:
Spain flag Spain

Spain system
  1. System of play: 4-2-3-1; 4 flat defence, 2 defensive midfielders, 3 offensive midfielders (1 playmaker and 2 wide players) and one striker.
  2. Strong points: Good organisation and good utilization of space having four players on the sides (Aguilera and Etxeberria on the right and Sergi and Luis Enrique on the left). Technical quality, speed and quality of building up excellently. 4 offensive players very fast, good dribblers with good crosses and finishing. Also good in the air.
  3. Outstanding players: Luis Enrique (21), Hierro (6), Nadal (20), Morientes (7)


  1. No offside tactics.
  2. Zonal marking and allows having a free man to give cover. Good pressing in midfield, especially on the sides.
  3. No sweeper.
  4. Heading very good in defence. Very skilful, good mobility and fast in switching play from defence to attack.
  5. Always eight players in defence and at times only Morientes did not participate defending. Good work by midfield (especially Hierro and Amor).


  1. Two ways for building-up attacks: 1) Work on the wings with Luiz Enrique and Etxeberria and supported by Aguilera and Sergi to get in crosses. 2) Quick combination through the middle with Morientes, Alfonso, Luiz Enrique and Etxeberria. Can construct slowly when building-up and then switch tempo to fast offensive play. Good in counter attacks.
  2. Good shooting abilities, especially by Hierro (long range shots). Good dribbling quality mainly by Luiz Enrique, Morientes, Etxeberria and Alfonso. First half: recuperation of balls in opposing half. Whole team, except Morientes, in teams defending.
  3. Good support from three offensive midfielders with Hierro and Amor playing closer and giving support from behind.
  4. Good quality in the technique and speed of the actions. Able to move with precise passing. Much movement without ball to create space.

Very strong team, good defence and does very well in the recuperation of the ball. Attack very fast and precisely. Created many opportunities .

Bulgaria flag Bulgaria

Bulgaria system
  1. System of play: 5-3-2, switched to 4-3-3 after 28 minutes. Started with a sweeper, 2 man markers and two defenders on the side. Two defensive midfielders and one playmaker (Balakov) plus two strikers. Later switched to one sweeper, three defenders, three midfielders (one defensive and two offensive) and three forwards.
  2. Strong points: Not in this game.
  3. Outstanding players: -


  1. Towards the end of the game, they tried to play the offside trap, when Spanish forwards had numerical superiority. Sweeper Ivanov came up to catch them offside.
  2. They tried man marking but failed because of the high quality of the Spanish players. Then the defence reverted to zonal marking.
  3. Sweeper playing mainly behind the defensive line. He did only defensive duties and went up only for standard situations.
  4. Average skill on heading and other techniques.
  5. Defence was not supported at all by attackers. Midfielders participated partly in defensive work.


  1. Tried to build-up with long balls to the strikers in the first half but were unsuccessful. In 2nd half, they tried to use short passes and build-up over the wings (right side). Good performance by Borimirov and Iliev who were very mobile.
  2. In this game not many shooting attempts; heading was no strong point of the team; dribbling skill only by Kostadinov.
  3. Support for attack mainly from Balakov as well as Borimirov and Iliev (2nd half-time). Defence did not support attack at all.

A team without spirit. Very static without movement, creativity and surprising elements.

    Analysis by FIFA Technical Study Group

Spain's Luis Enrique (L) celebrates his goal LENS - Spain's Luis Enrique (L) celebrates his goal against Bulgaria with team mates in Lens June 24. Spain defeated Bulgaria 6-1 in their group D match in the World Cup finals. Photo Desmond Boylan REUTERS
Post match Facts and Figures

6 - Spain has never scored 6 goals in a World Cup final phase match. Tonights victory was by Spain's highest margin, better that the 5-1 win over Denmark in 1986's round of 16. Spain also suffered the same heavy defeat in the 1950 final round against Brazil. Tonights result is also the 2nd 1-6 defeat for Bulgaria: the 1st came on 3 June 1962, by Hungary. The 6-1 score occurred today for the 9th time in final phases: 37 matches have finished with 7 or more goals scored.

100 - Fernando Hierro scored the 100th goal in France 98 final phase, his 3rd in 8 matches played in final phases. This goal and the other 5 scored by Spain tonight did not allowed the European team to advance to the 2nd round. This is the 4th elimination in the 1st round for Spain in 10 participations to the final phase (the previous came in 1962, 1966 and 1978 edition).

Facts and Figures based upon France 98 results information system and FIFA Archives

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