Germany - United States
2:0 (1:0)

Goals Scored:
MOLLER Andy (GER) (8'), KLINSMANN Jurgen (GER) (64').

Germany United States
[ 1] KOPKE Andreas (GK) [18] KELLER Kasey (GK)
[ 2] WORNS Christian [ 3] POPE Eddie
[ 3] HEINRICH Jorg [ 4] BURNS Mike (-46')
[ 4] KOHLER Jurgen [ 5] DOOLEY Thomas (Capt)
[ 6] THON Olaf [ 6] REGIS David
[ 7] MOLLER Andy (-88') [ 8] STEWART Ernie
[10] HASSLER Thomas (-49') [11] WYNALDA Eric (-63')
[13] JEREMIES Jens [13] JONES Cobi
[18] KLINSMANN Jurgen (Capt) [15] DEERING Chad (-69')
[19] REUTER Stefan (-67') [19] MAISONNEUVE Brian
[20] BIERHOFF Oliver [21] REYNA Claudio

Substitutes: Substitutes:
[ 5] HELMER Thomas [ 1] FRIEDEL Brad (GK)
[ 8] MATTHAUS Lothar [ 2] HEJDUK Frankie (+46')
[ 9] KIRSTEN Ulf [ 7] WEGERLE Roy (+63')
[11] MARSCHALL Olaf [ 9] MOORE Joe-Max
[12] KAHN Oliver (GK) [10] RAMOS Tab (+69')
[14] BABBEL Markus (+88') [12] AGOOS Jeff
[15] FREUND Steffen [14] PREKI
[16] HAMANN Dietmar (+49') [16] SOMMER Jurgen (GK)
[17] ZIEGE Christian (+67') [17] BALBOA Marcelo
[21] TARNAT Michael [20] MC BRIDE Brian
[22] LEHMANN Jens (GK) [22] LALAS Alexi

Coach: VOGTS Berti (GER) Coach: SAMPSON Steve (USA)

JEREMIES Jens (GER) (28'), HEJDUK Frankie (USA) (50'), ZIEGE Christian (GER) (76'), HEINRICH Jorg (GER) (83'), POPE Eddie (USA) (85').


Match Officials:
  Referee:BELQOLA, MOR
  Assistant Referee 1:    MANSRI, TUN
  Assistant Referee 2:    NILSSON, SWE
  Fourth Official:GARCIA ARANDA, ESP

Match Summary:
Germany flag Germany

  1. System of play: 3-5-2; Very versatile and surprising moves from all three defenders (Wörns, Thon, Kohler) with active overlapping side players (Heinrich, Reuter). Important player of system: Jeremies in defensive centre midfield.
  2. Strong points: Tactical understanding among the players; always holding effective positions and cohesion. Each player played for the team.
  3. Outstanding players: Köpke (1), Kohler (4), Thon (6), Jeremies (13), Klinsmann (18)


  1. Offside tactic from time to time.
  2. Combination of zone and man to man marking. All defenders mobile and reasonably skilful. Read game well.
  3. Sweeper in line with the stoppers; interchanging of positions many times.
  4. Heading was a strong point; using it effectively to pass. There was a high level of skill especially with controling accurate passing and very effective and surprising switch from defence to attack.
  5. All round support from attack to defence with changed positions and utility activities in midfield.


  1. Constructive approach to attack with quick and accurate passing with wing play and the surprise in the running up of defenders who changed position well. Strikers used the open space effectively for themselves. Good cohesion between strikers and midfielders.
  2. Heading and dribbling activities as well as shooting up to standard.
  3. Recuperation of lost balls was done occasionally and immediately on loosing the ball. However, more often they dropped back to the centre of midfield and tried to recuperate the ball there.
  4. There was good support from midfield and defence (through the centre as well as over the wings).

Standards situations:
Team showed high level of cooperation in set pieces. It was evident that each player knew his duties well, especially in the penalty area. The takers of the kicks were using variations of techniques. Long throw-ins (Hässler, Heinrich), similar to a corner. In defence, very good anticipation for the ball, showed no fear for hard tackles. Good understanding with goalkeeper who played a commanding role.

Well balanced performance from a technical, tactical, conditioning and psychological and competitive point of view. Good balance in defending and attacking activities. The team was able to dictate the rhythm of the game and controled the result effectively. Substitute players fitted in well with the team in the same positions. This kept the team cohesive.

United States flag United States

United States system
  1. System of play: 3-5 ½ -1 ½ with a libero behind the defensive line and only one striker forward supported by a player which was switching between attack and midfield.
  2. Strong points: 1st 20 minutes of 2nd half-time: Fighting spirit, team play, pressing game.
  3. Outstanding players: Hejduk (2), Wegerle (7), Ramos (10); these three players came on in the running of 2nd half; Dooley (5)


  1. No offside tactic.
  2. Usually zonal marking; sometimes switching to man to man.
  3. Sweeper behind defensive line.
  4. Heading was not a strong point in defensive area. Control and passing was up to standard. But under pressure, passing became inaccurate. Switching from defence to attack was not fast enough.
  5. Many players from midfield supported defensive activities. However, timing for defending was not properly done.


  1. They built attacks through long kicks by the goalkeeper to the forward players or combination play in midfield (less successful). They also tried to use space on the flanks but that space was well occupied by the opposition. Some penetration runs by Hejduk (2), Ramos (10) and Wegerle (7) in second half-time.
  2. Not many shooting possibilities. Long attempts were inaccurate. Individuals had good dribbling and heading abilities. Co-operation was lacking.
  3. Support from midfield and defence was there, but not effectively enough. No elements of surprise.

The US team did not perform to its real ability. Team and fighting spirit (exception: 1st 20 minutes of the 2nd half-time) was lacking. Lack of confidence and the pressure of the first World Cup match versus one of the favourites were the reason why the team did not reach its normal performance.

    Analysis by FIFA Technical Study Group

Germany's captain Juergen Klinsmann (L) strikes the

ball to score
PARIS - Germany's captain Juergen Klinsmann (L) strikes the ball to score past USA's goalkeeper Kasey Keller during their match in Paris June 15. Germany are playing U.S.A. in a group F match in the World Cup finals.
Photo: Photo by Ian Waldie REUTERS
Post match Facts and Figures

9 - Jürgen Klinsmann scored today his 9th goal in 13 matches played in the World Cup final phase, which allows him to reach his fellow-countrymen Uwe Seeler and Karl-Heinz Rummenigge and 6 other players in the 9th place of the all time ranking. Klinsmann played a total of 1164 minutes and made his début on 10 June 1990 in Milan (Italy) against Yugoslavia scoring one of the 4 goals of his team.

10 - USA played their 15th match in a World Cup final phase, conceding the 10th defeat against 4 wins and 1 tie. The goals scored are still 17, the goals conceded increased to 35. Ten is also the number of shots attempted against Germany at Parc des Princes, only 3 on target. On the other side, Germany made on target only 4 of the 11 shots attempted.

Facts and Figures based upon France 98 results information system and FIFA Archives

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