United States - Iran
1:2 (0:1)

Goals Scored:
ESTILI Hamid (IRN) (40'), MAHDAVI KIA Mehdi (IRN) (84'), MC BRIDE Brian (USA) (87').

United States Iran
[18] KELLER Kasey (GK) [ 1] ABEDZADEH Ahmad (GK, Capt)
[ 2] HEJDUK Frankie [ 2] MAHDAVI KIA Mehdi
[ 3] POPE Eddie [ 4] KHAKPOUR Mohammad
[ 5] DOOLEY Thomas (Capt)(-82') [ 6] BAGHERI Karim
[ 6] REGIS David [ 9] ESTILI Hamid
[ 7] WEGERLE Roy (-57') [10] DAEI Ali
[ 9] MOORE Joe-Max [11] AZIZI Khodadad (-74')
[10] RAMOS Tab (-57') [14] MOHAMMADKHANI Nader (-75')
[13] JONES Cobi [17] ZARINCHEH Javad (-77')
[20] MC BRIDE Brian [20] PASHAZADEH Mehdi
[21] REYNA Claudio [21] MINAVAND Mehrdad

Substitutes: Substitutes:
[ 1] FRIEDEL Brad (GK) [ 3] SADAVI SAD Naim (+77')
[ 4] BURNS Mike [ 5] PEYRAVANI Mohammad (+75')
[ 8] STEWART Ernie (+57') [ 7] MANSOURIAN Ali Reza (+74')
[11] WYNALDA Eric [ 8] DINMOHAMMADI Sirous
[12] AGOOS Jeff [12] NAKISA Nima (GK)
[14] PREKI (+57') [13] LATIFI Ali
[16] SOMMER Jurgen (GK) [16] SHAHROUDI Reza
[17] BALBOA Marcelo [18] HAMEDANI Sattar
[19] MAISONNEUVE Brian (+82') [19] SERAJ Behnam
[22] LALAS Alexi [22] BROUMAND Parviz (GK)

Coach: SAMPSON Steve (USA) Coach: TALEBI Jalal (IRN)

MINAVAND Mehrdad (IRN) (8'), REGIS David (USA) (18'), ZARINCHEH Javad (IRN) (77').


Match Officials:
  Referee:MEIER, SUI
  Assistant Referee 1:    RAUSIS, SUI
  Assistant Referee 2:    GRIGORESCU, ROM
  Fourth Official:BOUCHARDEAU, NIG

Match Summary:
United States flag United States

United States system
  1. System of play: 3-5-2
  2. Strong points: Technically good, dribbling and short passing; good organisation (in general terms); discipline and physical fitness.
  3. Outstanding players: Keller (GK, 18), Dooley (5), Regis (6), Reyna (20), McBride (21).


  1. Had a flat line but not looking for offside.
  2. Two marking centre backs.
  3. Sweeper, but played in line with the two markers.
  4. Heading o.k. with centre backs and strikers. Good basic skills, many dribblers. Fast switch from defence to attack.
  5. Front players work hard to help the defending unit; no clear policy. Five man in midfield defend enthusiastically, but not collectively.
  6. Dooley, the sweeper and captain, dictates the depth and intercepts brilliantly.


  1. A lot of running with the ball and short passing possession play. Use the wings but mostly come inside. Some trickery, but often play in obvious crosses.
  2. Good shots from midfield especially. Headers of good quality (defence and attack). Many good dribblers in Ramos, Preki. Recuperation of lost balls deep in midfield.
  3. Every midfield player supports the attack. The full-backs attack constantly and the back players break forward occasionally.

A busy, workmanlike unit with talented individuals (small and tricky), but often the play is too complicated and the crossing and finishing is not effective. At the back they take too many risk and ball watching is common - the lack of marking on Iran’s first goal underlines this. A team with a very positive attitude.

Iran flag Iran

Iran system
  1. System of play: 4-4-2; two strikers, but Azizi (11) often drops deep.
  2. Strong points: Technically very strong. Fast, excellent counter-attacks; Defend resolutely in deep positions; very competitive attitude.
  3. Outstanding players: Abedzadeh (GK, 1), Mahdavi (2), Khakpour (4), Bagheri (6), Azizi (11), Ali Daei (10).


  1. Hold a flat line (20 meters out) and occasionally play offside.
  2. Zone defence - 4 players.
  3. No sweeper.
  4. Heading strong and aggressive. Technically good (touch, turns and passing), Very good and fast counter-attacks. Azizi (11) always drops off from the front line to give them five men in midfield. Midfield play as a unit and try to create defensive block with the back four.
  5. The goalkeeper plays a dominating role.


  1. Build-up of attacks often by fast passing counters; also good running with the ball (right side). Fast combinations in central area.
  2. Some good shooting - Bagheri (6) from midfield is very powerful; main striker (Ali Daei, 10) and central midfield good in the air. Mahdavi and Azizi excellent on dribbling.
  3. Recuperation of balls mainly deep in own half.
  4. Good support from midfield; little support from the back.
  5. Very efficient penetration, simple and fast.

The Iranians played a clearly defined counter attacking game. Compact defending with some players on the edge of the box and fast direct penetration from deep. The possession play was competent but the construction was only a threat when it came down the right hand side. A team of physical and psychological strength.

    Analysis by FIFA Technical Study Group

Iranian and United States players pose for a team picture
LYON - Iranian and United States players pose for a team picture to mark FIFA Fair Play Day before their group F World Cup match June 21. Photo Blake Sell REUTERS
Post match Facts and Figures

3 - Iran has scored 3 points in 5 matches played in World Cup final phase. Its record consists of 1 win, 1 draw and 3 defeats, with 4 goals scored and 10 conceded. Iran is the 46th team to win a match in World Cup finals.

6 - USA has participated in 6 final phases but only twice have gone through to the 2nd round: in 1930 in Uruguay, when they finished in 3rd place (the highest of their history), and in 1994, when they were eliminated in the round of 16 by Brazil. USA, already eliminated in France ’98 final phase, have a record of 4 wins, 1 tie and 11 defeats in 16 matches played.

8 - USA made on target only 8 out of the 27 shots attempted. The overall percentage of shots by the U.S. on target in the first 2 matches played has been very poor: 29.73% (11/37). Four years ago, as hosts of the World Cup competition, hosts USA made a total of 33 shot attempts in 4 matches played, putting on target 21 (63.63%).

9 - Tonight Tab Ramos played his 9th World Cup final phase match, a record for the US national team. Ramos made his début on 10 June 1990 in Florence (1-5 against Czechoslovakia). Tab has never scored a goal in the 635 minutes that he's played.

Facts and Figures based upon France 98 results information system and FIFA Archives

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