United States - Yugoslavia
0:1 (0:1)

Goals Scored:
KOMLJENOVIC Slobodan (YUG) (4').

United States Yugoslavia
[ 1] FRIEDEL Brad (GK) [ 1] KRALJ Ivica (GK)
[ 2] HEJDUK Frankie (-64') [ 3] DJOROVIC Goran
[ 4] BURNS Mike [ 4] JOKANOVIC Slavisa
[ 5] DOOLEY Thomas (Capt)(-82') [ 7] JUGOVIC Vladimir
[ 6] REGIS David [ 9] MIJATOVIC Predrag (-31')
[ 8] STEWART Ernie [10] STOJKOVIC Dragan (Capt)(-62')
[ 9] MOORE Joe-Max (-58') [11] MIHAJLOVIC Sinisa
[13] JONES Cobi [13] KOMLJENOVIC Slobodan
[19] MAISONNEUVE Brian [16] PETROVIC Zeljko
[20] MC BRIDE Brian [17] MILOSEVIC Savo
[21] REYNA Claudio [20] STANKOVIC Dejan (-55')

Substitutes: Substitutes:
[ 3] POPE Eddie [ 2] MIRKOVIC Zoran
[ 7] WEGERLE Roy [ 5] DJUKIC Miroslav
[10] RAMOS Tab [ 6] BRNOVIC Branko (+55')
[11] WYNALDA Eric (+64') [ 8] SAVICEVIC Dejan (+62')
[12] AGOOS Jeff [12] LEKOVIC Dragoje (GK)
[14] PREKI (+58') [14] SAVELJIC Nisa
[15] DEERING Chad [15] DRULOVIC Ljubinko
[16] SOMMER Jurgen (GK) [18] GOVEDARICA Dejan
[17] BALBOA Marcelo (+82') [19] STEVIC Miroslav
[18] KELLER Kasey (GK) [21] OGNJENOVIC Perica (+31')
[22] LALAS Alexi [22] KOVACEVIC Darko

Coach: SAMPSON Steve (USA) Coach: SANTRAC Slobodan (YUG)

REYNA Claudio (USA) (13'), STANKOVIC Dejan (YUG) (42'), OGNJENOVIC Perica (YUG) (61').


Match Officials:
  Assistant Referee 1:    SALIE, RSA
  Assistant Referee 2:    WARREN, ENG
  Fourth Official:MCLEOD, RSA

Match Summary:
United States flag United States

United States system
  1. System of play: 1-2-1-4-2
  2. Strong points: Quick counter attacks. Pressing capacity on the whole field.
  3. Outstanding players: Reyna (21), Mc Bride (20).


  1. No offside tactics intentionally.
  2. Man to man marking.
  3. Reyna in front and Dooley behind the defensive line.
  4. Good heading performance. Not above average on other skills.
  5. Support from midfield with 5 players.


  1. Attacks were built-up mostly through midfield (Reyna) and over the wings. Very effective in counter-attacking moves.
  2. Shooting attempts were of average quality (many attempts, not always on target). Good heading performance by McBride; other players not exceptional in this technique. Tried to put on a pressing system to recover the ball in the half of the opponent.
  3. Good support from midfield (Hejduk and Jones) on the flanks. Sweeper Dooley went up from time to time to surprise the opponent’s defence.

USA played also this game with a lot of commitment and enthusiasm. They would have deserved to reach at least a draw in this last group match of the World Cup. However, they lacked realism in converting goal-scoring opportunities.

Yugoslavia flag Yugoslavia

Yugoslavia system
  1. System of play: 4-1-2-1-2
  2. Strong points: Jokanovic as key player of the team. Good shooting abilities by Mihajlovic. Factor of surprise in attack.
  3. Outstanding players: Jokanovic (4), Mihajlovic (11).


  1. No deliberate offside tactic.
  2. Zonal marking.
  3. Sweeper in front of defensive line (Jokanovic).
  4. Heading performance of good quality. Good in dribblings and short passing as well as strong in all other techniques.
  5. First defensive block are the attackers who mark their opponents when constructing attacks from behind. Midfielders support defensive line well.


  1. Most of the attacks are going through Jokanovic and Stojkovic who launch their strikers with surprising passes and penetration runs.
  2. Shooting abilities of good quality (Mihajlovic). Good heading performance. Dribblings of good level. Recuperation of balls start with attacking department.
  3. Constant support from midfield and defence.

In this game, Yugoslavia could not convince totally. However, the target to reach the second round was reached prior to this third group match. The team has a good balance between experienced players and young talents. Technical skill of all team players are exceptional.

    Analysis by FIFA Technical Study Group

United States midfielder Frankie Hejduk (C) breaks past Yugoslavian defender Goran Djorovic (L)
NANTES - United States midfielder Frankie Hejduk (C) breaks past Yugoslavian defender Goran Djorovic (L) to attempt a play on the goal of Yugoslavian goalkeeper Ivica Kralj (R) during a group F World Cup match in Nantes June 25. Hejduk's goal attack was offside. Photo Ian Waldie REUTERS
Post Match Facts & Figures

5 - Tonight, USA has suffered its 5th defeat in a row, the 8th in the 10 matches played in the 3 last participations in the final phases. The "Stars 'n' Stripes" team now has a record of 4 wins, 1 tie and 12 defeats in 17 matches played (18 goals scored and 38 conceded). Marcelo Balboa and Eric Wynalda played their 8th match in World Cup final phase: both are now 2nd in the all-time ranking behind Tab Ramos (9 matches played).

40 - Yugoslavia has earned 40 points in 36 matches played in World Cup final phases. Yugoslavia has a record of 16 wins, 8 ties and 12 defeats (59 goals scored and 44 conceded). They are in 8th place of all-time ranking, just 1 point down from France and 2 from Spain. Yugoslavia is still running a series of 7 positive results in a row: 5 wins and 2 draws (10 goals scored and 4 conceded). Last defeat dates back to 10 June 1990 (1-4 against Germany in Milan, ITA).

Facts and Figures based upon France 98 results information system and FIFA Archives

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