David Evans - Phone Information

I prefer not to be interrupted by unplanned phone calls and usually do not answer my phone unless I am expecting a call (or it is from my wife or family). So, if you want to reach me by phone, please send email first to arrange a time and number. I do not check my voice mail (but our stupid voice mail system is impossible to turn off and I'm not smart enough to figure out how to replace the default message with a message directing callers to this page).

If you can't do that for some reason or have somehow not been able to get email through to me, my mobile number area code and prefix are 434 409. Security people are encouraged to find the final four digits using a brute force search (I recommend using SMS, not voice calls to do this), but others can find the final four digits by evaluating this expression:

 ((lambda (n) 
    ((lambda (f) (f f n)) 
     (lambda (f k) (if (= k 1) 1 (* k (f f (- k 1))))))) 
(and be thankful I don't use this CAPTCHA instead!)