USA 1 - 0 Algeria

South Africa 2010
Loftus Versfeld Stadium, Tshwane/Pretoria
23 June 2010

The US Embassy in Pretoria is a few blocks from the stadium. They threw a party at the embassy for special guests, but it is constructed like a fortress and very unwelcoming of visitors. The American fans took over this bar across the street from the embassy.
Don't forget to check under the beard!
Two draws in the first two games set the stage for a very tense must-win third game.
After ninety-one minutes of tension and thwarted attacks... goal!
Tim Howard saves an Algerian attack and throws a perfect 60-yard outlet to Donovan in stride at midfield. He puts Jozy Altidore through, who shots towards Dempsy in front of the goal. The keeper stops it, giving up a rebound to a following Donovan. Goal USA! From being within a minute of going home dispirited, we win the group and advance to face Ghana in the second round. Definitely the most dramatic and craziest event I've witnessed.
No one (except the Algerians) really wanted to leave the stadium after this, but eventually we got the message.