Senior Theses Supervised

(Note: the engineering school changed the fourth-year thesis requirement around 2009, and the BACS program has a different Distinguished Major Program, so this list has not been updated since 2008.)

Abstracts and Links (2004 and earlier)

Adrienne Felt — Privacy Protection for Social Networking, May 2008.
Samuel Baumgardner — Combining Software Components using Artificial Intelligence, May 2006.
Salvatore Guarnieri — Automatically Hardening Web Applications Using Precise Tainting, May 2006. (Finalist in University Undergraduate Research Symposium, April 15, 2005; co-author and presenter of paper at Twentieth IFIP International Information Security Conference, Chiba, Japan, May 2005; USENIX Security Symposium short talk, August 2005.)
Jacob McPadden, Solving Intractable Problems Using a Learning Agent: Can an Agent Learn to Deal with the Unknown Variables in Poker?, May 2006.
Matthew Spear, BianFu: Anonymity Guarantees in a Token Network, May 2006.
Qi Wang, Securing Hotel Video Distribution Networks, May 2006.
Andrew Paul Connors (Applied Mathematics), Finding an Optimal Collusive Strategy for a Simplified Game of Poker, March 2005.
Doug Anthony Greene (Computer Engineering), A Taxonomy for PHP Security Vulnerabilities, March 2005.
John Franchak (Cognitive Science Distinguished Major Thesis, second reader), March 2005.
Aaron Michael Karp, Using Execution Side Effects to Create Trusted Distributed Environments, March 2005.
Evong Nham, Improving Communication in Wireless Sensor Networks with Geographically Targeted Messaging, March 2005.
Dan Vinh Nguyen, Analyzing Password Recovery, March 2005.
Yuan-Yao (Jeffrey) Chang — 802.11 Person-In-Middle (PiM) Attacks: Implementation and Practical Solutions, 23 March 2004. [PDF] May 2004.
Christopher Frost — Amorphous Shape Mapping, 7 May 2004. [PDF, Web Page]
Jackson Kwok — A Wireless Protocol to Prevent Wormhole Attacks, 23 March 2004. [PDF]
Ben Maskell — Preventing Software Piracy, May 2004.
Michael Peck — Improving the Usability of the ESC/Java Static Analysis Tool, 25 March 2004. [PDF]
Anthony Aiello, Planners that Learn, March 2003.
Jonathan McCarrell McCune — Adaptability in Sensor Networks, 8 April 2003. [PDF]
Ankush Seth, Scalability and Communication within Swarm Computing, March 2003. [PDF]
Matthew Suhocki, How Biology forms Abstractions, March 2002.
Shobana Thyagarajan, Differentiating between Humans and Computers Remotely and Automatically
Nadim BarsoumWIL: A Tool fo Web-data Extraction, March 2002.
Dev Batta - Finding a Give-And-Go In a Simulated Soccer Environment, April 2002.
John Calandrino — Packets, Routers, and Automobiles: What Can Data Networks Teach us about Traffic Congestion?, April 2002. (Graduate student at University or North Carolina, Computer Science)
Giles Cotter - Generation of Pseudorandom Numbers From Microphone Input in Computing Devices, April 2002.
Mike Cuvelier - Behavior of Composed Swarm Primitives, March 2002.
Nicholas Dunnuck — An Ethical Analysis of the Goals and Methods of Developing Artificial Intelligence Systems, March 2002.
David Friedman — Using Splint to Detect Buffer Overflow Vulnerabilities in Sendmail , April 2002. (Graduate student at Johns Hopkins University, Computer Science)
William Haubert — An Interactive Approach to Secure and Memorable Passwords , April 2002.
Mike Hogye Achieving Trade-Offs in Swarm Systems, March 2002.
Errol McEachron - A System for Synthesizing Swarm Applications, March 2002.
Lap Fan ("Jack") Lam - Detecting Email Viruses By Analyzing Network Traffic Patterns, March 2002.
Michael Lanouette - Static Checking of Coding Standards, March 2002.
Bill Oliver - Analyzing Group Behavior: Developing a Tool to Evaluate Swarm Programs, March 2002.
Hien Phan - Developing a Web Interface for the LCLint Static Checker
Kenneth Pickering - Evaluating the Viability of Intrusion Detection System Benchmarking, March 2002.
Douglas Ross - - Magnetic Poetry for the World Wide Web, March 2002.
Adam Sowers - Analysis of the Selected Key Pairing Encryption for Client-Server Systems, March 2002.
Lim Vu - Securing Web Communications, April 2002.
Shannon Waddy - Case Studies in Security: Open Source vs. Closed Source Software, December 2001.
Chris Barker - Static Error Checking of C Applications Ported from UNIX to WIN32 Systems Using LCLint, March 2001.
Felipe Huice - A Database-backed Personal Information System for Automatic Creation of Home and Summary Web Pages, March 2001.
Jennifer Kahng - Evaluating Web Browser Security Interfaces for a More Meaningful Design, March 2001.
John David Loizeaux - Describing and Predicting MEMS Capabilities, March 2001.
Ryan Persaud - Investigating the Fundamentals of Swarm Computing, March 2001
Rick Rossano - Monitoring Suspect Internet Packets on the Network at the Department of Computer Science, March 2001.
Dan Rubin - The Security of Remote On-Line Voting, March 2001.
Adam Trost - Extendable Swarm Programming Architecture, March 2001.
Phil Varner - Vote Early, Vote Often, and VoteHere: A Security Analysis of VoteHere, March 2001.
Julie Vogelman - Determining Web Usability Through an Analysis of Server Logs, March 2001.