David Evans — Videos

This page collects selected videos from my talks, courses, and other projects.



Can Machine Learning Ever Be Trustworthy?

University of Maryland, Booz Allen Hamilton Distinguished Colloquium. 7 December 2018. [SpeakerDeck] [Video]
Is "adversarial examples" an Adversarial Example?
Keynote talk at 1st Deep Learning and Security Workshop (Co-located with the 39th IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy). San Francisco, California. 24 May 2018. [SpeakerDeck]

Classifiers Under Attack

USENIX Enigma 2017, Oakland, CA, 1 February 2017. [Speaker Deck] [EvadeML]

Classifiers Under Attack
O'Reilly Security 2016, New York City, 2 November 2016. [Speaker Deck] [EvadeML]

How to Live in Paradise: A Guide for New and Disgruntled Professors
USENIX Security Doctoral Symposium 2014 (and 2015). See http://www.cs.virginia.edu/evans/paradise/ for lots of supporting materials.

Trick or Treat?: Bitcoin for Non-Believers, Cryptocurrencies for Cypherpunks
DC-Area Crypto Day, Johns Hopkins University, 30 October 2015.

Multi-Party Computation in 2029: Boom, Bust, or Bonanza?
Applied Multi-Party Computation (Keynote Talk), Microsoft Research Redmond, 21 February 2014

Multi-Party Computation for the Masses
CROSSING Conference 2015, Darmstadt, 1 June 2015


Here are some of my favorite clips from my Udacity courses.

CS 101: Building a Search Engine (Original trailer)

The most watched video (> 300,000 views) is the "trailer" for my cs101 course (mainly because of the cameo appearance by Sergey Brin, looking like he was cornered with a video camera after a roller-hockey game):

Introduction to Computer Science Course Overview (New trailer)

"Interstellar spaceships for the mind!"

What is Programming? (cs101 Unit 1)

Building a Web Crawler (cs101 Unit 1)

Visiting Junior (cs101 Unit 2)

Popularity (cs101 Unit 6)

What is Computer Science? (cs101 Unit 7)

Don't Implement Your Own Crypto (cs387 Unit 1)

Lorenz Cipher (cs387 Unit 1)

Operating Systems

I recorded and edited videos for my cs4414: Operating Systems class (in Spring 2014). Some selected videos are below. Zero to a Billion in 4.86 Years

goto fail;

Minimizing Magic

Crash Course in Networking


Invent the Future!


PC Chairs' Welcome to CCS 2017
Dallas, Texas. 31 October 2017. [SpeakerDeck]

On the Non-Equivalence of the Kleene-* and Kleene-X Operators
David Evans and Dorina Evans. Zeroth International Conference on Hygenic Computing. 12 March 2013.


(This trailer was shown at AMC Tyson's Corner, October 2013.)

Full feature:

Secretly Evil Assistant Instructor CS101 Office Hours (with annotations by Theodora Michaels)

Playing Poker with Peter Norvig

Fencing with Westley Weimer

(Original Version, no light sabres)

The first video I contributed to was On The Run (SIGGRAPH 1991).