Gautam Somappa

Web Developer - Programmer - ML Enthusiast

Who Am I?

Hi! I am a Graduate Student studying Computer Science at the University of Virginia. I am interested in applied deep learning and its various aspects. Apart from that, I have recently started learning front-end frameworks and have taken a fascination towards AngularJS

I interned with Rackspace in the summer of 2017, working on their infrastructure. I grade and teach CS4750 Database Systems. I am also a Statlab fellow, working with UVA data services to help local agencies understand and use data.

When I'm not coding, I love watching/reading Sci-fi related works. I am a hobbyist photographer and the Nikon D5200 is one on my prized possessions


A web application that uses deep learning to classify movies based on 5 different genres. The project was done as a part of CS 6501-001 Visual Computational Recognition. It was devoloped in python and uses Keras for Deep Learning.
An easy-to-use open source framework to train and deploy Machine Learning model on the cloud. We provide computing resources to enable users to easily setup models and expose these for use in external real-time applications.
A prototype that uses Raspberry Pi and a Pi camera to identify objects that are usually inside a house. The idea behind this project is to build a product that can be used by virtually impaired people to navigate through their house and work with objects without colliding with them. For a prototype, images of a bottles were trained so anyone wearing the devide could interact with them.
A web application that uses deep learning and has the capability to sequences images by looking at visual features and textual features. It utelizes the VIST dataset to learn about sequences and sort them in an order that makes sense.
Pixel to Pinball
Pixel to Pinball uses deepQ learning and CNN to learn from image frames to teach an AI to play Pinball. It learns on the fly and saves the weights as a pickle file. This project was done as a part of SYS 6582 - Reinforcement Learning.