• GridTools package including GridFTP.NET and GRAM.NET clients and servers to be released to correspond with our TeraGrid 2006 presentation on June 15th. Click here for more details.

  • WSRF.NET is now compatible with .NET 2.0 and VS.NET 2005!

Welcome to the University of Virginia Grid Computing Group's WSRF.NET project pages. These pages provide information about the WSRF.NET project, the WSRF.NET software and project documentation. WSRF.NET is a platform for grid computing on .NET and a bridge to grid computing solutions on Unix machines. It is based on both the Web Service Resource Framework and Microsoft .NET technologies. WSRF.NET allows service authors to easily build WSRF-compliant web services by adding meta-data to their ASP.NET web service logic.

What is the Web Service Resource Framework?

In short, the Web Service Resource Framework (WSRF) is a set of specifications designed to merge grid and web technologies by framing the concepts of OGSI in terms of today's web service standards.

What is WSRF.NET?

WSRF.NET is a set of software libraries, tools and applications which implement the WSRF and WSN families of specifications on top of .NET. WSRF.NET allows easy authoring of WSRF-compliant services and clients and integrates many Microsoft technologies, such as WSE and ADO.NET. WSRF.NET builds upon the success of our OGSI.NET project.

Where can I get WSRF.NET?

WSRF.NET 3.0.1 is now available! Click here.


Installation instructions are available here.

Instructions for converting a service from WSRF.NET 2.x to WSRF.NET 3.0

The WSRF.NET Programmer's Reference Manual.

The WSRF.NET Developer Tutorial is now also available.


The WSRF.NET forum is hosted by the UVA Computer Science Department. This is a place where WSRF.NET users can post questions and find answers both from other members of the WSRF.NET community and members of the WSRF.NET team!



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