Hanjie Chen


 Hanjie Chen

  Department of Computer Science

  University of Virginia

  Address: Rice Hall 228, Charlottesville, Virginia 22904

  Email: hc9mx AT virginia DOT edu

  Links:  CV  Google Scholar   GitHub

About Me

I am a PhD candidate in the Department of Computer Science @ UVa. My advisor is Prof. Yangfeng Ji. My research interests lie in Natural Language Processing, Interpretable Machine Learning, and Deep Learning. I mainly focus on:

  • Explaining well-trained deep neural networks from the post-hoc manner for natural language processing
  • Improving the inherent interpretability of neural network models by regularizing their prediction behavior during training
  • Leveraging interpretations to analyze and improve model performance in terms of robustness, trustworthiness, and fairness

I am interning with the Mosaic Team @ AI2 this summer. Happy to connect with you in Seattle :)

I was supported by the GTI program and co-designed and taught the course, CS 6501/4501 Interpretable Machine Learning, with Prof. Yangfeng Ji, Spring 2022, UVa

My collaborators and I are actively updating a Reading List with interesting papers

Academic Activities

Professional Service

  • Diversity Representative for UVA Computer Science Graduate Student Group (CSGSG) Council, 2022
  • Program Committee: NLPCC 2022, ACL 2022 DialDoc Workshop, EMNLP 2021, NAACL-HLT 2021, CoNLL 2021, EMNLP BlackboxNLP Workshop 2021, NeurIPS Explainable AI Approaches for Debugging and Diagnosis Workshop 2021, Document-grounded Dialogue Workshop 2021, MASC-SLL 2020
  • Reviewer: ACL Rolling Review, EMNLP BlackboxNLP Workshop 2022, ACL 2021, NLPCC 2021, ACL 2020, CoNLL 2020, NLPCC 2019, CoNLL 2019

Last updated: 5/2022