1. Machine Learning for Causal Inference
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    Jing Ma, Ruocheng Guo, Saumitra Mishra, Aidong Zhang, Jundong Li
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  3. Learning Causality with Graphs
    Jing Ma, Jundong Li
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    Qiang Huang, Jing Ma, Jundong Li, Huiyan Sun, Yi Chang
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  6. Empowering Next POI Recommendation with Multi-Relational Modeling [PDF]
    Zheng Huang, Jing Ma, Yushun Dong, Natasha Foutz, Jundong Li
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  7. Assessing the Causal Impact of COVID-19 Related Policies on Outbreak Dynamics: A Case Study in the US [PDF] [Code]
    Jing Ma, Yushun Dong, Zheng Huang, Daniel Mietchen, Jundong Li
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