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Using UVa's Legion net
NPACI-net is one of the University of Virginia Legion nets run by the Legion Research Group. It runs on a wide variety of architectures (SGI, rs6000, solaris, etc.) and at any given point contains a portion of the Centurion testbed as well as various other machines. To see the current list, run "legion_ls /hosts" after you have logged in.
Norm Beekwilder is the NPACI-net administrator, and questions about your NPACI-net account and NPACI-net status can be directed to him. If you are running a client install, you will need to download a binary package and setup script.

We try to keep NPACI-net running at all times, but since Legion is still a research project we occasionally have to take the net down and restart it. Norm maintains a mailing list of NPACI-net users and will send out warnings and notices as necessary. If you are not already on this mailing list, please contact Norm.

To use NPACI-net, you will first need a NPACI-net account. If you don't have one, contact Norm. Since the NPACI-net Legion is already running, you don't need to run any startup commands. You only need to set up your access to your system before you can run Legion commands.

  1. Depending on your shell, you will run:
    $ . ~npacinet/setup.sh (ksh or sh users)
    $ source ~npacinet/setup.csh (csh users)

    doubleclick Legion/legion_configure.exe

    (WinNT users)

    If you are working on a UVa CS machine or certain ITC machines, you will need to enter
    $ . ~vanet/setup.sh (ksh or sh users)
    $ source ~vanet/setup.csh (csh users)

  2. Security is turned, so you need to log in:
    $ legion_login /users/<username>

  3. You will want to work in your own context space. All NPACI-net users have a default space called /home/<name>. You can move there with the legion_set_context command:
    $ legion_set_context /home/<name>

You are now ready to go.

new! You can now browse NPACI-net context space from the web. You can go use the form below or go to https://sirius.cs.virginia.edu/browser/. In both cases, be sure that the "Legion Net" field is set to npacinet. Use your NPACI-net user name and password in the "Legion User Name" and "Legion Password" fields.

Legion Net:
Legion User Name:
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This work partially supported by DOE grant DE-FG02-96ER25290, Logicon (for the DoD HPCMOD/PET program) DAHC 94-96-C-0008, DOE D459000-16-3C, DARPA (GA) SC H607305A, NSF-NGS EIA-9974968, NSF-NPACI ASC-96-10920, and a grant from NASA-IPG.